Erogenous zones are defined as areas on the female or male body that are extremely sensitive to touch.  These areas can enhance orgasms and sexual pleasure and desire, encourage relaxation, build arousal, and promote blood flow when stimulated.  When you think of these areas some that may come to mind are the clitoris, testicles, neck, nipples, lips, and inner thighs just to name a few.  

However, there are other areas that you may have never considered and never realized that these other unfamiliar areas are also considered erogenous zones.  Knowing and understanding these areas can help enhance your intimacy and explore new ways to pleasure your partner.  The experience of exploring them can be exciting, fun, bold and a major turn-on and mood booster. As you continue to read you will understand in full detail where your zones are and how to explore them to determine which zones you can identify with as your go-to pleasure enhancer.  

Vaginal Region

This includes the clitoris, cervix, G spot, A spot, and pubis mound. Stimulating the clitoris will require fingers, tongue, penis, and toys. You can determine your preferred pace for arousal by experimenting with pressure, direction, and rhythm. For example, taking your index and middle finger and stroking the clitoris with an up and down motion with your preferred pace and pressure can intensify and build arousal.  The G spot is located on the vaginal wall about 2-3 inches deep.  

To achieve pleasure your best option would be a G spot vibrator or fingers because you have more control of position and pressure.  In and out motions typically do not trigger arousal to build up and enjoy but it does not hurt to try.  A technique that can help with this is to take 2 fingers index and middle finger and move in a “come here” gesture/motion. This is an upward motion curling your fingers towards your belly button.  

The A-spot is about 2 inches past the G spot. Stimulating the A-spot the same as you would the G-spot or reach it through anal penetration.  The A-spot is typically responsible for orgasm from anal play. If you realize there is no sensation, or you are unable to reach utilize a toy with more length. Also keeping in mind, you may realize this spot does not produce much sensation for you as it may for others and that is ok.  

The pubis mound is located above the clitoris and below the belly button. It is the fleshy part where most of the pubic hair grows.  To stimulate this area massaging it, licking, and kissing it could be great options for stimulation.  Just explore with different types of touch with whatever you like and explore. And the cervix requires deep penetration and pressure for stimulation.  Doggy style is a well-known position that would be great to explore cervical stimulation.   

Penile Region

This area includes glands (head), frenulum, foreskin (if uncircumcised), perineum, prostate, and scrotum.  The glans can be stimulated by using your hand, mouth, and tongue. The frenulum is located where the head and shaft meet. Also using hand, mouth, and tongue can stimulate this area.  For added pleasure stimulate it with your thumb or tongue while performing fellatio. Focusing on this area for a period to build arousal can be very intense.

Another term for this zone is called the F-spot. The foreskin is another area that most men don’t have due to being circumcised at birth but men who aren’t circumcised have something a little extra for added pleasure.  Using mouth, tongue and hand can be a great addition to build arousal. The perineum is located between the anus and scrotum.  A gentle massage, licking, and kissing can be very pleasurable.  

The scrotum or testicle can be a great area to focus on while performing fellatio or gentle squeezing to preferred pressure, sucking and licking can be very intense and satisfying.  Finally, the prostate which is also considered the male G-spot also called the P-spot.  It is located two inches in the rectum. Using your fingers with the come here gesture, toys, and stimulated vibrators are great ways to build arousal and gain an orgasm.

Neck and Breast Area

The neck area can be stimulated by kissing, licking, and soft touch.  Get creative when focusing on this area and incorporate all methods to stimulate this area simultaneously. 

The breast area consists of the nipples and areolas.  To stimulate this area, you can use sucking, licking, kissing, massaging, and if you prefer more rough play nipple clamps and biting can be perfect for intensity in sensation.  Also incorporating methods to introduce temperature play like candle wax, ice cubes or other edibles you prefer to eat off your partner can increase arousal from this area. 

Lower abdomen /belly button

This area can be stimulated by light touches with your fingertips, kisses, tongue, and temperature play.  Lightly tracing your fingertips around the belly button or using other methods like a scarf, feather, or anything that could be textured to achieve a tickling sensation that transitions to pleasure can be very arousing for this area. Applying something edible in this area is an option for arousal as well. 

Inner arms/armpits

Incorporating touch from inner arms to armpits can be very satisfying once you pass the tickle response if you have one.  Gentle touches using fingertips, hands, kissing and licking can be a perfect start to foreplay and starting a massage for full-body relaxation. 


This area is overly sensitive and can initially trigger a tickle response.  So, at times it may be uncomfortable for some.  However, it can be considered a hot spot.  Utilizing pressure instead of soft touches can be very relaxing and slowly build arousal.  Applying pressure lightly and slowly increasing pressure on the feet and toes can be satisfying paying close attention to the pressure point which is located under the ball of the foot, running the thumb finger along the arch of the foot, the heel of the toes, the heel of the foot and the boney bump on the outside of the ankle just to name of few.  The toes can also be stimulated by massaging, kissing, and sucking. 


This hot spot can be very pleasurable and tend to be a well-known spot to target during foreplay and just old-fashioned making out.  To build arousal in this zone lightly kissing, licking, and nibbling can turn things on.  Also slightly blowing in the ear or whispers some dirty talk can be very pleasurable.  

Lower back and wrist

This lower back area can be stimulated by kissing, tracing it with your tongue, and implementing sensory and temperature play. 

The wrist zone is typically not thought of as an erogenous zone, but it is.  It is extremely sensitive and if massaged, kissed lightly, or traced with fingertips or tongue can be very arousing.


erogenous zones
Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

A hand massage can be very relaxing and the initial act for foreplay or to display a deep intimate connection with your partner pretty much anywhere you would like. Focusing on the pressure points just as you would the feet can be an amazing feeling.  The location of pressure points to consider would be the tip of the thumb and applying pressure alongside the hand from the thumb all the way to the crease of the wrist, the area between the thumb and index finger, and the area just below your pinky finger. Or taking both hands and massaging your partner hand and slowly applying pressure to desired feeling, licking, and sucking the fingertips.

Behind the knee and Scalp

Behind the knee is another zone that we do not consider to be an erogenous zone, but it is.  Massaging this area and applying pressure, kissing, and licking it can be a heightened and relaxing experience. 

Touching the scalp be very stimulating and relaxing.  Massaging the area with your fingertips and/or utilizing a scalp massager can help build arousal. There are many varieties of a scalp massager so make sure you choose the appropriate one that corresponds with the arousal, intensity, and sensitivity level you prefer. 

Just try it

Each of the erogenous zones may not have the same intense effect on everyone.  So, as you explore if you realize one zone does not do it for you but maybe the preferred one for your partner that is perfectly normal.  Everyone’s response to touch and stimulation is different and varies with everyone.

I have recommended each of these erogenous zones several times. People tend to ask me questions inquiring about quick solutions in improving their sex lives. I cannot say one of the erogenous zones is better than the other however I can say trying the 13 suggested will result in many fun experiences of exploration with your partner.

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