3 obsessions to help avoid Covid-19 and what I have learned after one year dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recently all of us mourned the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus hitting the United States. “Hitting” is an understatement, more like an out-of-control freight train with the inability to stop. Barreling through every city and state, not caring for who or what got in its way. This thing was off the rails! 😬

Thankfully, we have learned a lot along the way. All of us are left with emotional and/ or physical wounds needing to heal. Some much deeper than others. 

Sure, we’ve had some hits and misses throughout the year but for now, I’m only going to address the hits. Trying to stay on the positive side of life for the moment (until I get knocked off again). C’mon! Things are looking up!

Vida Protective Mask   $10-$48

These are a huge hit in my circle. Made with a certified water repellent fiber produced entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Each mask comes with a replaceable carbon filter that fits snugly within a built-in pocket. They fit beautifully due to the adjustable ear straps. They wash beautifully, never coming out wrinkled or mangled. And the print selections?!

I won’t even get into a vast array of prints. Let’s just say, a lot. Plus, each piece is made to order only in the USA. Now, if none of that convinces you to buy one? How about this, wearing a mask not only helps stop the spread of someone with Covid-19 but also greatly reduces anyone catching the virus. They work! Wear one! Please😇shopvida.com

Vida Protective Mask

Dirty Grass Hand Sanitizer   $22

Have you ever wanted to try a fabulous fragrance from a master perfumer but couldn’t afford it? Well now here is your chance. Heretic Parfum (makers of, “This smells like my vagina”) is now making hand sanitizer in two of their best-selling fragrances, Dirty Grass and Dirty Lavender. Made with 100% naturally derived ingredients.

Using a plant-based formula for antibacterial purposes and 70% Ethyl alcohol for antiviral protection. Look, at this point, none of us should need to be told to wash our hands or the importance of hand sanitizing when soap and water are unavailable. But just in case you need a reminder, we touch a lot of gross stuff on a daily basis. Then we touch our faces. About 23 times per hour, as a matter of fact.

Here is the good news, If you use hand sanitizer, it will kill the germs and viruses before you rub your eyes for the 100th time today. Enough said. Thank you! hereticparfum.com


Air Doctor Home Purification System $495-$625

Early on with this virus we quickly learned that being outdoors as much as possible is much safer  we also learned that we are completely inept and unprepared for indoor air quality. The number of positive cases rose in areas where it was bitterly cold and most were staying indoors. Vise versa in areas where the heat index rose and people retreated indoors for air conditioning. 

Here is how Air Doctor is relevant for today. This system eliminates bacteria and viruses in the air! Sold! For me, that was a done deal. Who doesn’t want to breathe cleaner air? This system is able to purify 900sq.ft three times every hour. It weighs about 15 pounds and can easily be moved from one room to another. Perfect for allergy sufferers and for those who have asthma. Air Doctor also removes 99% of dust, dander, and indoor pollutants from the chemicals we use, as well as in our furniture, flooring, and walls. Now everyone can take a nice deep breath and breathe easily.  airdoctorpro.com

Air doctor pro

As I try to stay on the brighter side of life. Here are some positive discoveries from the Covid-19 pandemic

• We learned that we actually CAN reduce our carbon footprint. While the world was on lockdown, the hole in the ozone started shrinking.

• We learned how far a sneeze can travel. Over 6 ft at a rate of 100 mph. In case you were wondering. Seriously, cover your mouth and keep your distance. 😐

• Some of us developed a knack for baking. Hello? You couldn’t buy yeast anywhere. Some discovered they had a green thumb and cultivated beautiful gardens.

• Animal shelters were reporting an all time low of shelter animals. Some even claimed a shortage! Hopefully there were no returns. 

• The world gained Zoom, more importantly, the crazy stories of people forgetting they were on Zoom. 

• The elbow bump. (Just kidding)

• Netflix brought us The Queens Gambit. By far the best show I’ve seen in years.

• Last but certainly not least, we got a vaccine. Yippie!

Be safe everyone! See you next week.

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