January is all about self-love this month. It’s time to start fresh and anew. Everyone changes in a year, and you can start making new goals to help yourself. One of the most challenging goals everyone struggles with is self-love. In some shape or form, there may have been doubts, insecurities, and dark times throughout your life. To help you get started we have three kinds of Self-Love Programs that will help you get into the swing of discovering who you are, what you can be, and affirming your worth. The following are the 3 Self-Love Programs.


Path for Self-love

Path for Self-Love is a school that makes self-love accessible to all people around the world. Online programs run for only $15 a month. There are free offerings through courses, quizzes, events, and Love Ambassador campaigns.

One of their most popular segments is their Self-Love Professional training program, which is a twelve-week course and is a professional development opportunity to guide and support yourself. Throughout this experience, you will learn to help others in an emotional, spiritual, and mental way. This can create meaningful careers, lives, and relationships you have with yourself and other people.

You will receive tools and practices in a tested and proven self-love method. It is designed specifically for you to use with people you influence, guide, or work with. Connections can be made here, and the support helps heal your heart and bring love and compassion to the world. Their goal is to empower people and their true selves. Their next classes will be available for registration in  Fall 2023.

If you are interested in a more physically engaging course, they offer Yoga of Self-Love. This activity gives you simple impactful practices that help you feel calm, courage, and clarity.

Sometimes our minds can get overwhelmed and cluttered. It’s smart to take an hour for yourself and to connect deeply with yourself through a good stretch and body movement.

You won’t have to do bendy postures. You will receive practices that cultivate mental, emotional, and physical wellness from within. That gets you connected to your true self, so the choices you make every day and in big ways are aligned and right for you.

For more programs, you can check them out here.




Strong Women Company is a 28-day program about self-love which can be found online! Through supportive group coaching. Each week you will have different lessons that help build your love and affirm your worth.

Week one is all about your inner support system. How can you spread the love if you don’t love yourself first? Some of the lessons you will learn are to increase positive talk and rewrite the way you think. You will also learn about the importance of your passions, desire, and validation.  

Week two is about self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness. Learn how to forgive yourself when things are hard. You will discover new techniques to process, let go and heal.

Week three is about body empowerment. Many of us can’t help but get sucked into society’s ideal body type. Even though things are progressing now through magazines and social media, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a hard time. In this part of the course, you will learn how to send love to all the parts of your body and the messages it gives you. You will learn to increase the value and how to accept it right here and now.

Lastly, week four is about how to apply self-love in the real world. You have all the tools, tips, and techniques for yourself. Now it’s time to create a self-care plan on how to radiate this new energy to others. Throughout this program, you will receive weekly videos, worksheets, meditations, journal prompts, and groups of support through Facebook and email.

It’s a month’s journey through progress and is a steady progression toward loving yourself.




Hike My Feelings started in 2018 in San Diego, California. Their mission is to improve the health of the community by creating opportunities to heal through nature. Loving yourself isn’t a selfish act, it improves lasting mental, physical, and spiritual health. If you are an outdoors type of person, this may be the ideal program for you to go explore.

There are many programs on this site that you can try. Their goal is to create safe spaces for you to explore yourself.

Hiking My Feelings, The Book is a book you can read that represents all the goals and impact of this site/program. It is a well-known Audiobook and is accessible here.

Blaze Your Own Trail to Self-Love, a 12-week program that will build trust, confidence, and communication skills you didn’t know you had. It’s a guide to mindful hiking and community building. If you want to connect with nature and learn some valuable truths, try this program.

Wilderness Wellness Retreats are hiking retreats that help you disconnect from distractions that are hyper and fast-moving. Our world is always chaotic, and this retreat helps you reconnect with yourself and the planet through beautiful landscapes and views.

The Summit Circle is a private social network hosted on Mighty Networks. This is a safe space to connect with your Hiking My Feelings community from the comfort of your home. You can receive updates about upcoming events and programs, including connecting with friends.

Virtual Campfire can be for those who don’t live in the California area or aren’t the ‘hiking’ type. There is a live show & podcast you can view. Inspiring conversations are made by mental health experts, athletes, and community members. It also includes live music, so sit down and enjoy the shows.

In conclusion, whether you are more virtual or outdoorsy, these programs are accessible to you. Start strengthening the bond with yourself by checking out Path of Self Love, Strong Women CO, or Hiking My Feelings.