As temperatures soared well above normal in most of the U.S and Canada last week, some breaking record temperatures of 119 degrees and up in parts of Washington state. It’s officially safe to say, it’s F&@$KING HOT! 

Now, living in Florida most of my life none of this is news to me. Dealing with the high humidity; we factor in the “feels like” temperatures. Take today, for instance, temperature reading says 91 degrees but feels like 102 with the humidity level at 60%. And that’s low! I’m not saying I particularly like it, but I’m used to it.  I’d venture a guess Washington State citizens are not used to it…

So this week I am featuring some of my favorite products to help keep you cool and beat the heat this summer. Some of which I use all year round. 

Classic Core Sheet Set  $109-$179

Cool, crisp percale sheets. Perfect for hot sleepers or hot summers. This set has won top honors for “best cooling sheets” year after year with over 13,000 five-star reviews from customers raving about sleep quality and comfort. Each set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

beat the heat

Helix Ultra-Cool Standard Pillow $85

Made with a breathable cotton microfiber gel that stays cool to the touch. What’s makes these pillows even more fantastic? There are two removable inserts so that you can adjust the height to your comfort

beat the heat

Cooling Neck Towel 4/PK   $17.99

Take it from me, these work! Great for those who work outdoors or for runners on hot steamy days. Just add water, wring out the excess and enjoy feeling cool for up to 2 hours. To reactivate the cooling effect add more water.

Beat the Heat

Everyday Humans Pre & Post- Sun Water  $13.50

If and when you need a body refresh, this will be your new go-to. Packed with aloe juice, cucumber water, and cactus extract. Ready to cool, calm, and comfortable dry sun-drenched skin with just one spritz. A refreshing mist that’s safe to use on your body and face. Keep it in your fridge or pack it in your cooler for even more of an icy blast. Earmuffs are not included. 😎

beat the heat

Here are some additional tips to keep your body from boiling over. 

  • •Take cold showers 
  • •Keep your feet uncovered. Now is the time to break out your favorite sandals. Oh, and no socks, please. 😬
  • •Give your oven a rest. Think gazpacho. 
  • •Enjoy a frozen treat or a frosty beverage. •Lastly, stay hydrated. 

Just following these simple tips, can aid at keeping your core body temperature down, your heart rate levels normal, and YOU feeling much more comfortable. ☺️

Celebrating Women-Owned Businesses

United Sodas Of America

If you browsed the beverage area at your local market lately, chances are you’ve noticed the huge influx of sparkling waters? I certainly have and I’ve also tried most of them. All I can say is meh 😑. Until now that is. You see, I am a huge soda fan and I have been looking for a healthier option for quite some time. 

Meet United Sodas of America. Founder Marisa Zupan spent twelve years in marketing and advertising with such companies as Target, Clinique, Nestle, and Pepsi. It was then that she noticed America’s relationship had changed towards soda pop. It has become bad for us and is viewed as unhealthy. That’s when she went to work using every tool she’s learned to develop a soda that is not only flavorful but also healthy. Fast forward two years and countless taste tests later for the launch of United Sodas of America in 2020.

By the looks of a waiting list and most flavors sold out, she must be doing well. With flavors such as sour blueberry, pear elderflower, young mango, and strawberry basil. I can see why. All with just the right amount of flavor, not too sweet or watered down. Did I mention the swoon-worthy Instagram-able packaging? Yea, it’s that good. Well done Marisa! May you have many years of success ahead of you. 🎉

image0 29

I hope this week’s obsessions help you to beat the heat.  I’d love for you to share my obsessions by clicking one of the social buttons below or by copying the link. 

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