This week we have a true cause to celebrate. Honoring those we call mom and those we choose to call mom. Mother’s Day is always bitter-sweet for me. I lost my mother when I  needed her the most. Mother’s Day for me is still about celebrating her, my mom. She was so unique, creative, and funny, that no conversation was ever off-limits. I still miss our daily phone calls, the way she said my name, and how she always gave the best advice.

Mostly, I just miss her. For those of you still lucky enough to have a mom, I’ve chosen some of my favorite gift ideas to show your appreciation, and please, don’t forget to tell her you love her!

Below are 4 easy Mother’s Day gifts…

a book titled I Love You Mom and Here's Why

I Love You Mom; And Here’s Why M.H. Clark      $10.00

What could be better than a book of gratitude dedicated to your mom? In your own words no less. Take the time to write funny stories, cherished childhood memories, or maybe a story she hasn’t heard before. Whatever you choose to jot down, make it unique and personal for you both. Something to cherish for many years to come.

a picture of an orchid flower

The Murano Orchid   $60

About six years ago my son gave me an orchid for Mother’s Day. It was so beautiful with bright purple and pink blossoms that lasted well over a month. When the blooms dropped off, I would occasionally give it water, when I remembered. The following year it bloomed again, and every year since. Seemingly, even more, beautiful than the year before. Orchids make a great gift that can be enjoyed for years. Just don’t fuss over them too much. Benign neglect certainly worked for me.

Always pan picture

Always Pan          $115

Trust me, when I say that this is the best pan ever. It truly is and any mom would love to receive this as a gift. Except for the ones that don’t cook of course. This pan does it all. Fry, sauté, steam, boil, no problem. So versatile, mom will be using this for most of her cooking needs. Made from an exclusive non-toxic, nonstick ceramic coating. Easy to clean and it looks great too. What more could you ask for in a pan?! Bon appetite!

A picture of spa with towels and candles

Spa Day     $-$$$

I am a true believer in giving the gift of an experience. Nothing is more memorable than the time you spend together, far superseding any material possessions. Why not book a true spa experience?

Lord knows she could probably use it. Here’s a helpful hint, book a spa package that she would like. If she hates having her feet touched, then please do not book a pedicure. Just because you think she needs it or you might like one for yourself, it’s a no-no. This will only leave you with an unused gift certificate. If your mom loves a massage or a facial, by all means, book those. Better yet, schedule a spa day to enjoy together. Giving you both a memorable experience to last a lifetime.

Ways to show your appreciation to fellow moms in your life

We all have someone in our lives that we admire and look up to. What if that someone happens to be a mother too? For example; my best friend who is the mother of two seems to handle everything so calmly and with such patience, that even the Dali Lama would be impressed.

This Mother’s Day, I plan on telling her so. Mother to mother. I really admire her as a parent and the way she carries herself. 

It really can be that simple, kind words can go a long way and most of us do not hear enough of them. This week, I say reach out to that special mom that you admire and let them know. Plus, it’s free!

On the chance that you are a person of few words, below are a few recommendations that anyone would be happy to receive. 

a gift of candles for mom

Otherland Modern Maven Candle Set  $89

It’s no secret, I love a good candle and this brand is all the rage lately. What I love about this particular brand, is the ability to customize your order. With this trio, you choose between scents like Georgette, Ratan, Canary, or Verdant Verve.

The trouble will be decided but whatever you choose, it is sure to delight any candle fan in your life. You can also choose how you would like your trio packed, in a gorgeous Mother’s Day-themed box or a simple floral-designed box.

Either way, it’s a win.

a picture of the product Omsom Asian Meal Starter Kits

Omsom Asian Meal Starter Kits Best Seller Set  $55

If my daughter was a mother, this is what I would get her. Until then this will make a perfect birthday gift for her in June. Seriously, this is the coolest set for any foodie in your life. Omsom’s bestseller set includes 6 starters for the best Asian food ever to come out of your kitchen. Dishes like Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ, or Thai Larb. Yum and yum. Signature Omsom Rice Paddle is also included.

I hope these Mother’s Day obsessions resonate with you as they do with me! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!