For anyone that started the new year off with some fitness goals, AKA New Years resolutions. How is it going? I for one, completely despise these resolutions, because they don’t work.

Let me explain, research shows that 46% of us keep up those resolutions for 6 months and less then 10% keep them for a year. It’s the same as making a goal to lose weight for a wedding or before a vacation. Sure, they all work temporarily but once that particular event is over, low and behold you are right back to where you started.

I have a tendency to view exercise as something I have to do, just like eating and drinking. It’s something I must do to survive. That being said, I know that it can be difficult for some and getting started can be daunting, so here are some helpful hints. Don’t tell yourself that you are going to start exercising an hour and a half each day.

Goals that are set too high or unrealistic have a very high failure rate. Instead, begin by creating a new habit, start by walking 15 min a few times a day. Track your progress, it helps to keep you motivated and accountable. Then little by little start incorporating a few weight exercises into your routine. Whatever you do, be consistent and make it fun.

This weeks obsessions are my recommendations on keeping your workouts fresh and fun. Now get up and move! No excuses! 🏋️‍♀️

Slam Ball 4lbs-15lbs $39 & up

Slam balls are a great way to add fun into your workout. Not to mention the upper body conditioning, improved core muscles and cardiovascular fitness. Try doing the exercise for timed sessions, like 1 minute without stopping. Create a circuit of different exercises with the slam ball to do in between each set.

Slam Ball

The Power Ring $85

I’m always on the lookout for a piece of equipment that is portable and versatile. I love this ring for balance exercises and abdominal strengthening. Weighing in at 10 lbs of solid stainless steel and covered in extremely soft silicone.

The true beauty of this ring is the even weight distribution, unlike the kettle bells or products filled with sand. There are over 75 unique movements and plenty of exercise videos to gain inspiration on their website as well. Plus it looks good!

Power Ring

Battle Rope 30ft/1.5 diameter $67.99

These ropes are great for cardiovascular conditioning and overall fitness. They start in 30 ft. length with 1.5 in diameter and go up to 50 ft length with 2.5 in diameter. Thicker ropes carry more weight while longer ones allow more fluid motion.

All you need is a tree or sturdy post or pole to wrap it around. They can also be purchased with an anchor to keep them secure if you prefer. I also recommend doing this activity for timed sessions try 30-60 sec for each set.

Battle Rope

Eox Non-Slip Resistance Bands $11.99

These inexpensive bands are great for a lower body workout. Targeting the legs, butt, and glutes. Not only do these meet my criteria of portable but they are also powerful. Each set comes with 5 bands of varying resistance, starting with extra light and ending with extra heavy. Experiment with band placement to target different muscles. Such as, around your ankles to target your hip abductors. Start with the lightest resistance and work your way up.

Eox BanDs

Remember anytime you move more than you did before, it is an accomplishment. And please whatever you do, don’t give up, push through it, you will be glad you did. Who knows, you might even end up liking it. 😅

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