Going somewhere? This summer feels like one big mass exit to me. Nearly everyone I know has some sort of travel plan. Even my own children high-tailed it out of here for a little respite. Can’t say I blame them but I’m starting to feel a bit lonely. Understandably, we all have felt a little cooped up since the pandemic and this is the first summer where we are finally allowed to travel.

Unfortunately, we mustn’t let our guard down too much otherwise we will be hearing the word “staycation” a lot more. Be safe everyone and happy travels. ✈️

This week I’ll share some of my favorite travel essentials, along with recommendations from my fellow backpackers and jet setters. 

Getaway Travel Pillow  $24

Say goodbye to neck cramps and the dreaded wobble head. This cheerful travel companion makes it easier to rest in less than ideal sleeping conditions. The attached drawings make it easier to keep track of by tying it to your carry-on luggage or any other bag. bando.com

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Anti-Theft Classic Backpack  $85

Made from military-grade material, making this bag is extremely tough and slash-resistant. Hidden compartments with locking clips. Also, water and dirt resistant. But what makes this backpack anti-theft you ask? RFID blocking technology. Which stands for radio frequency identification. This protects you from hackers and thieves from gathering any of your personal information. Pretty cool if you ask me. 😎travelonbags.com

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Honest Company Anti-Bacterial Wipes $7 (pack of 50)

Traveling spells germs. Period. Now it’s probably more important than ever to be diligent and protect yourself. These alcohol-based wipes are perfect for traveling to kill germs while on the go. honest.com

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Welly Travel Medicine Kit $14.99

Every so often traveling comes with unpredictabilities and this clever little kit has got you covered for such situations as motion sickness, gas, insomnia, and headaches. Hopefully not all at once. 😬All individually wrapped in one neat and tidy container. getwelly.com



9to5: The Story Of A Movement Netflix 7/22/21

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Let me start by saying if you haven’t seen the iconic 1980 film with Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Thomlin yet, run to your nearest streaming device and watch it already! If you are like me? Then you know how excited I am to watch this. Beginning Thursday 7/22/21, Netflix will be airing the documentary that inspired the 80’s classic film along with the hit song written and performed by Dolly Parton.

In Boston early 1970s a group of secretaries decided they had suffered in silence long enough. They began a movement to force changes in their workplace. With a call for better pay, more opportunities and to put an end to sexual harassment. Sadly, what became National and should be an important part of U.S history, has mostly been forgotten. The stories of these bold courageous women resonate to this day.

We are all still fighting for the same things and in my mind, it really hasn’t changed all that much. Please watch. I can only hope this will inspire a new generation of fighters because we still have a long way to go. 😔

I hope this week’s obsessions give you a reason to travel, if so, happy travels.  I’d love for you to share my weekly obsessions by using the social buttons below or by copying the link. 

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