The impulse to care for and look after others is not new to us women. Rather, it may be part of our genetic makeup or somehow we got singled out as our gender and taught this at a very early age? Since women almost innately put others before themselves and feel shame when not, In fact calling women selfish is almost as bad if not worse than calling her a bitch in some cultures.

That’s why this week I’m giving everyone with a vulva the license to be selfish. Pick a day or two and give yourself permission to be selfish. Hell! Take the whole week if need be? Guess what? Everyone and everything will survive, and yes, probably be waiting for you when you return. With that, here are 4 great ways to look after yourself and be numero uno for a change. Oh yeah, I almost forgot something, do not feel guilty! Ye hear?! 💋

Plan a “Girls Trip”   $-$$$$

Now, this can cost as little as you want or as much as you like. First, let’s say, the cost is not a factor. For example; there are wonderful spa and/or fitness retreats with weekend packages specifically curated for you and your gal pals. Travel and Leisure put together a list of their top eleven wellness retreats perfect for a girl’s getaway trip. 

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Girls Weekend In 

Now let’s discuss, how the other half lives. For example; my girlfriends and I rent an Airbnb somewhere within the state we all reside in. That way there is no additional cost for airfare, rental cars, or wardrobe worries. It’s easy, pick a spot you all would like to visit in your state, find a home to suit the needs of you and your besties (or at least try😁). Divide the cost between the group, and that’s it. Now everyone can focus on, catching up with each other, ordering some great take-out or reservations at the hottest local eatery. Most of all, laughter. There is bound to be plenty of that. 😂

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Have a Netflix Bing-a-thon 

Allow yourself to do nothing. It’s ok to give your brain a rest and indulge in a great Netflix series. May I make a suggestion? “Halston”. This 5 episode mini-series chronicles the rise and fall of the legendary fashion designer during the 1970s and ’80s. Episode highlights include; late-night parties in the iconic “Studio 54”, designing his signature fragrance, and his tight-knit friendship with Liza Minelli. I’m telling you, I loved this series so much,  I’ve already watched it twice! Yes, It’s that good. Make this binge-worthy event even better by having your favorite snacks on hand and a cocktail of your choice. Are you ready to be entertained?! You should be.

Please Yourself    $ Priceless

Is your bucket list gathering dust? Do you have one particular activity or wish, dying to be checked off the list? I’m here to say, now is the time to seize the day!

Here are my top 4 unselfish activities:

  1. Learn to play a musical instrument. Find a local music teacher in your area, needing to make extra cash. You will be well on your way to impressing your kids with your newfound ukulele skills.
  2. Take a self-defense class. It’s time to become the badass you have always wanted to be. 
  3. Discover a new cuisine. Enroll yourself in the latest sushi-making class or learn to make fresh pasta. If cooking is your thing, enjoy learning and eating about a new ethnicity. 
  4. Take your personal fitness goals to the next level. Hire a personal trainer, there is no backing out when we come knocking on your front door. Join a running club, take a kickboxing class? Whatever you decide, it will be an hour dedicated to you. Carpe Diem my friends! Carpe Diem!
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Celebrate Women-Owned Business

Daily Harvest $$-$$$

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What busy person wouldn’t want organic healthy meals delivered to their front door? The idea came to founder Rachel Drori when she realized she was sacrificing good nourishing food because she didn’t have time to cook. Depending on the plan you choose and the frequency of your deliveries, Daily Harvest can cost anywhere from $65-$120 a month. 

All meals are organically grown, portioned controlled, and plant-based. Your meals arrive frozen and packed in dry ice, pretty much ready to eat. All you have to do is pop them in the microwave. According to the rave reviews on flavor and taste, it’s definitely worth a try. 

I hope this week’s obsessions helped you say aloud I need some selfish time.  I’d love for you to share my obsessions by clicking one of the social buttons below or by copying the link. 

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