This week’s weekly obsessions is the beginning of the holiday season. As the holidays are drawing near, and stress levels rise from the gift buying dilemma. It dawned on me to compile a small gift guide for couples. Most of us struggle when it comes to buying gifts for our significant other, so why not get a gift for the two of you? Something you both will enjoy together. I hardly think anyone will miss getting that pair of socks this year. 

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small  $29

This will encourage one another’s adventurous side for months to come using this lovely coffee table book. 1000 awe-inspiring places to see and do from around the world.

The Bucket List weekly obsessions
The Bucket List

Espressione EM 1040 Combination Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker $299

For coffee lovers, this machine checks all the boxes. If you prefer a shot of espresso or a cappuccino to get you going in the morning, but your significant other prefers the traditional cup of joe, no problem. Prepare your espresso on one side and brew a full 10 cup pot on the other. Can be used with espresso pods or traditional ground coffee and the best part is, it also contains a steam tube and nozzle for creamy frothed milk. I can see this machine getting a lot of use in my household.

Espressione weekly obsessions
Espressione Combination Espresso MACHINE & Coffee Maker

Date Night Dice   $16

Take the worry out of date night by rolling the dice. I know it sounds silly but how many times do we debate over what to do, then we end up doing nothing? No more boring evenings doing the same thing. With three 6-sided dice, the possibilities are endless. Roll the dice for dinner options, what type of movie to watch and they can even decide what sexual position to try at the end of your evening.

This kit also comes with a 32-page booklet that offers even more date night ideas. I know it sounds corny but it’s really quite fun and playful. Great stocking stuffer for one another or for that newlywed couple you may know.

Date Night Dice weekly obsessions
DaTe Night Dice

Eva l l  Hands-Free Vibrator $135

This waterproof couple’s vibrator stays in place for clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Eva is held in place with little flexible wings that tuck under your labia. I like the idea of not holding onto a vibrator during sex and let’s face it, most of them are quite cumbersome and can make things a bit awkward.

For more adventurous positions you may need to hold it in place with your finger but doesn’t require a steadfast hand. For the most part, Eva stays in position well and allows you and your partner to use your hands for other purposes. (Imagination required) I would also like to add that Eva comes with the cutest little docking station that I call her spaceship. Trust me. You will agree.

Eva II weekly obsessions
EVA II Hands-Free Vibrator

We hope you saw something you would love to buy for your partner or another couple you may know after reading this week’s weekly obsessions. Maybe you’ll want to buy one of the 4 above to try in your relationship or possibly buy all 4. Each product would be good to use now and in the future. 

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