It’s almost time to vote! Fall is moving along and we have found several new products to obsess over. The weekly obsessions are a mixture of products from exercise to undies, to a decorative wreath and last but not least a voting tee. Each week, we will post new products we obsess over and where to purchase them.

LoRox Aligned Foam Roller $53.95

Designed to be a self-myofascial release technique by separating the fibers that form taut bands of tissue that become painful. Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps around your muscles in layers and these layers also attach to your tendons and bones. When they are tight, you know it. Lauren Roxburgh is the creator of LoRox and the queen of fascia if you ask me. Her website is a plethora of information where you will find numerous how-to videos, literature, and other fascia release products. As an avid exerciser myself, the LoRox has been a lifesaver.

LOROX Aligned Roller
Lorox Aligned Foam Roller

Danni Seamless Hipster Briefs $12

I don’t know about you but I have different underwear for different occasions. The Danni Hipster Briefs are my “sleeping underwear”. So lightweight and comfortable you barely know they are there. The best part is they stay put throughout the night and come in 13 different colors. 

Seamless Briefs
Dani Hipster Brief

Autumn Wreaths by Hoopsbyrae $75

There is something to be said about a little decoration. It can cheer you up and can also set the mood for the upcoming holiday or season. Let’s face it, we could all use a little cheering up these days. I love these wreaths! This year I will buying this modern fall wreath with eucalyptus leaves and pumpkins. Simply adorable.

Autumn Wreaths by Hoopsbyrae
Autumn Wreath

Madewell Vote Graphic Tee $39.50

With the purchase of this unisex tee, 100% of the proceeds through Nov. 3rd will go to the ACLU in the fight against voter suppression. The brand has pledged to give a minimum of $750.000 to the non-profit. I love a purchase with a cause and this year is more important than ever.

Vote t-shirt
Vote Tee

While we are on the subject of voting, please everyone… have your voice be heard and vote. However, you choose to do so whomever you choose to vote for…It is your right as an American citizen and every vote counts.

Please vote, Stephanie

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