Pride Month is considered the big glittery hug that occurs every June to honor the journeys, wisdom, and fight of the LGBTQAI community and allies. On the goal of equality and acceptance, the legendary Stonewall Riots back in 1969 marked a significant win and the start of LGBTQ+ rights.

Throughout this vibrant month, expect parades, parties, enlightened talk, and support as people cheer on the diversity and victories of the LGBTQ+ community.

But it is more than just waving rainbow flags and celebrating. Pride Month also highlights the ongoing hurdles, spreading a powerful message of love and unity for all. There are many ways to spread awareness and bring joy to this monthly queer celebration. We share four activities that celebrate Pride Month.

Coordinate a Pride Month Book Club

Suppose you’re a bookworm and enjoy queer literature. In that case, this is an excellent opportunity to gather individuals who share similar interests or are new readers who want to explore LGBTQ authors and characters. Creating a Pride Month book club can be a great opportunity to bond and learn outside the established roles of the readers themselves and explore someone else’s shoes.

Readers will be able to discuss fresh topics and explore harsh truths and happy/healthy realities that pertain to queer lifestyles and experiences. Coordinate a Pride Month book club and keep the ball rolling after June. Whether at your local library or a casual event with close friends and new friends, expanding on reading material will broaden your horizons.

Pride Happy Hour

A fun time for an after-work event with friends and family gathering and mingling and having a celebratory Pride Happy Hour with those who enjoy a night of drinking and lounging.

Invent fun alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages in honor of Pride Month. Mix drinks and get creative with names that symbolize pride flags, slang, and important figures for this occasion.

a person holding a pride month flag

Volunteer and Donate

One of the most important ways to celebrate and commemorate Pride Month is to support LGBTQAI organizations. Donating your time and money can provide resources for essential programs and initiatives. Volunteering allows you to contribute to the community. The goal of all Pride organizations is to work towards creating safe and inclusive spaces for all individuals under the queer umbrella and beyond. All forms of support can amplify the LGBTQAI voices and advocate for positive change. Here are seven well-known LGBTQ organizations to look into and assist.

  • Audre Lorde Project: The Audre Lorde Project is a lesbian, gay bisexual, two-spirit, trans, and gender non-conforming people of color center. They focus on the New York City area and center for community organizing through mobilization, education, and capacity-building. The Audre Lorde Project centers on community wellness and progressive social and economic justice.
  • GLAAD: A non-profit organization focused on LGBTQ advocacy and cultural change to ensure fair accurate and inclusive representation. To create national and local programs that advance acceptance. This organization is a storyteller and force that tackles tough issues and provokes dialogue so authentic LGBTQ experiences are seen and heard.
  • The Trevor Project: An organization best known for offering all kinds of resources for members and allies of the LGBTQAI community. There are articles on understanding LGBTQ identities, guides for coming out, and ways to support youths within the community. In addition, there are resources on mental health advocacy, including safe spaces for schools, homelessness discussions, and a suicide prevention resource guide—a diverse and inclusive organization with accurate information and consistent updates for all to see.
  • Human Rights Campaign: The Human Rights Campaign and Foundation fight to make equality, equity, and liberation a reality. This is the nation’s largest LGBTQAI civil rights organization, who drive impact by mobilizing millions of pro-equality voters and supporters to elect pro-equality leaders. Their goal is to demand equity-based policies and legislation and to change hearts and minds through programming. To increase visibility and diversity in the LGBTQAI community in all aspects. To have more inclusivity policies in schools, workplaces, hospitals, communities, and beyond.
  • TransLatina Coalition: Founded by a group of Transgender, gender nonconforming, and intersex immigrant (TGI) women in LA, California; they focus on addressing the specific needs of TGI Latin immigrants who live in the United States. This agency has become a nationally recognized organization with representation in ten different states across the U.S. They provide direct services to empower TGI people in response to structural, institutional, and interpersonal violence. They have secured funding from state and local government sources, and private foundations. Their goal is to change the landscape of access to services for TGI to improve quality of life.
  • The House of GG: Founded and led by Transgender activist Miss Major, the House of GG (also known as The Griffin-Gracy Educational and Historical Center), creates safe and transformative spaces where members of our community can heal—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—from the trauma arising from generations of transphobia, racism, sexism, poverty, ableism and violence, and nurture them into tomorrow’s leaders. We focus on supporting and nurturing the leadership of Transgender women of color living in the U.S. South.
  • Mermaids: Mermaids is based in the UK and supports a safe, inclusive society for trans children through empowerment. They provide quality information and support. They collaborate with others who share the same values and their resilience in solving tough issues is impeccable. They are a youth-centered initiative that advocates for all youths as a guideline for their decision-making. Young transgender children share their voices to change their communities for the better.

Even a small contribution to these organizations can make a difference, especially during Pride Month. Finally, we get to dive into another way of using our money and actions to support the June festivities.

Support Pride & LGBTQ Supporting Stores with Products

Another way to celebrate and support Pride Month is to shop for pride-themed products. Whether you are interested in going to the Pride parade or celebrating in a more lowkey way, some accessories and goods cater to marking the June occasion. Anything from skincare to clothes, games, trinkets, and more—the possibilities for pride are endless. What’s great about many companies that sell these products is their generosity in donating to LGBTQ organizations. So, enjoy a new product while also contributing to the cause.

  • Mattel Games UNO Play with Pride Card Game: Support the “It Gets Better Project” on behalf of Mattel, UNO’s parent company. They have vowed to donate 50,000 dollars towards the cause and continue to bring support to the LGBTQ community. With a gorgeous rainbow UNO set, play with your friends and family for the price of $10 on Amazon.

pride month

  • Pride Watermelon Glow PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner: For the price of $35, this Glow Recipe is a top-selling product for any makeover, especially when it comes to Pride, and you want a nourished face. Glow is a company that donates 100% of their proceeds through this limited-edition toner that is now back in stock.image0 4


  • Vans Otw Gallery Classic Slip-On: In 2022 Vans enlisted three LGBTQAI artists to design signature prints to showcase and sell. These Vans shoes were one of them. These shoes are still up for grabs in the year 2024 for the retail price of $114. It’s a great splurge if you want to express your pride every day or even on fun occasions.
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Celebrating Pride Month can be a way to acknowledge how far we’ve come as a society towards equality and acceptance but also address the pressing issues still happening that need to be fixed. The annual Pride Parade around June is one stepping stone into constant love and celebration. Take steps into making Pride a fun event for all individuals to educate, volunteer, donate, and party. Whether starting a book club, donating money to an LGBTQAI organization, or even buying pride-themed products, a little effort and open-mindedness go a long way.