Wear what you believe… sometimes one can be so passionate about something, you feel like screaming it to the world. Maybe it’s social injustices, political points of view, or even animal rescue groups?  Whatever the cause is.. sometimes it’s nice to speak your mind without saying anything at all. I’m talking about wearing it.

This week I had so much fun researching wearable statements, quotes, and/or causes, some made me laugh and some made me cringe. I also realized that you can put pretty much anything you want on a t-shirt. 😬 Unfortunately and fortunately… all I ask… is please for the love of god! Keep it, classy people!

Seriously🙄 and by all means, make sure it is something you are passionate about. Trust me, you are bound to ruffle a few feathers here and there but in my experience people just accept it.  

Here are some of my favorites:

FEMINIST  T-shirt  $28.90 

What’s not to like about this tee? Nothing. Mine is on the way. Etsy.com

Where what you believe

Climate Change Is Real $40

image1 10


This website is fantastic for finding any cause that suits you. “Climate change is for real”, also gives back. Each sale benefits The California Fire Foundation. A non-profit providing critical support to victims, and firefighters of the California wildfires disasters.

Girls Support Girls $9.00


Wear what you believe

Scour the internet and you can find this slogan written on everything from tote bags to crew socks. I like this one for the color and the price. Sizes are limited but this website has all kinds of cheeky sayings to wear on your chest. Just remember to wear something you can visit grandma in. 😂

Adopt Don’t Shop TEE  $45


image0 32

Wear this and be proud that you are also giving back. A percentage of sales will go to Animal Haven Rescue Shelter. One of the many non-kill animal shelters in America in dire need of funds. These tees are unisex and made from 100% cotton. Why not buy one for the whole family? It’s for a good cause!

Celebrate Women-Owned Business

The Future Is Female T-Shirt  $30

image0 19

This powerful slogan t-shirt has gained so much popularity, we can now call it iconic. Otherwild was founded by Rachel Berks in 2012 and has since expanded with more apparel, housewares, and apothecary items. Rachel who identifies as queer also focuses on giving back to many organizations such as Planned Parenthood, The Lesbian Herstory Archives, and The National Center For Transgender Equality. She also supports many grassroots organizations via direct grants through Another Wild Fund. otherwild.com

I hope this week’s obsessions give you a reason to shop.  I’d love for you to share which t-shirts you’d buy by clicking one of the social buttons below or by copying the link. 

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