In this week’s weekly obsessions, I’m featuring gifts for the animal lovers amongst us. First off, we should all be animal lovers because you know as well as I do that animals behave better than people most of the time. I’m sharing my favorite picks in this week’s weekly obsession for the domesticated and the wild animal lovers. 

National Geographic The Photo Ark $21.16

Joel Sartore has spent over 25 years capturing the images of every species held in captivity, around the globe. There are over 300 gorgeous portraits that will both capture you and break your heart. I believe this book is so important not only to raise awareness but also to inspire action to save our wildlife.

“I can never unsee these faces, and I believe I am a better person because of it.”  -Joel Sartore
photo ark

Renaissance Pet Art     $49.95 & up 

Now we can truly say, “they have thought of everything” when it comes to our pets. Perfect for the pet lover on your list that happens to have everything. Who wouldn’t want a custom made masterpiece of their pet?!  All you have to do is upload a photo of your pet, select a body that captures their distinguished personality. From there the digital artist goes to work digitally mastering a final design. Choose to have your pet portraits put onto a poster, pillow, phone case, or my favorite, a canvas. Each design will require your final approval before it is boxed up and shipped to you. I love it!

Pet artwork weekly obsession
Renaissance Pet Art

Pet Photo Pajamas         $100 for set

Okay, this is just hysterical to me. I think these would be the perfect gift for that college student, reminding them how much the family dog misses him or her. We all know someone that would be delighted to receive these, maybe even yourself. Just upload a photo and choose your background. That’s it! However, you better hurry if you want them to be opened on Christmas Day or if you will be wearing them on Christmas Day.

pet pajamas weekly obsession
Pet Photo Pajamas

Donate or Rescue

How about giving the gift of life to a deserving pet? If adopting a pet is not an option, how about donating to a local shelter or rescue group? Make a donation on the behalf of someone on your Christmas list this year or as a gift for yourself. 

The facts are pretty bleak for animal shelters in America. Each year 60% of dogs and 70% of cats are euthanized according to the Humane Society and only 1 out of 10 dogs born will find a permanent home. With over 3,500 brick-and-mortar animal shelters and an additional 10,000 rescue groups and animal sanctuaries to choose from. Most are in dire need of volunteers and donations. To find an animal shelter or rescue group near you, please go to

donate, please weekly obsession
Donate Today

We hope you saw something you would love to do regarding pets and animals after reading this week’s weekly obsessions. Share the weekly obsessions by clicking one of the social buttons below or by copying the link. 

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