I can’t believe it but it’s that time already. Back to school.📚 Yippie! Now that my children are all grown, this time is a little less stressful for me but I haven’t forgotten the long lists of required items and the hours spent negotiating with my kids while clothes shopping. I remember dreading those first few weeks of the new school year, now I would give anything to do it all over again. That being said, I do not envy parents with school-aged children or the kids themselves. These times are much different from the days when I was a classroom mom.

The pandemic and its variants require parents to make a lot of tough decisions regarding their children, many are life-altering. So many tough choices like whether you choose in-home learning or sending them to the classroom, deciding to vaccinate or not, to wear a mask or not to wear a mask. Ugh!! 😬 Also, depending on which state you reside in, those burdens can be even greater.

I have my own stance on all of this but I won’t bore you with all my opinions today.

This week I enlisted all my friends, clients, and co-workers with school-aged children, asking them what school supplies reign supreme in their households. Below are the top 5 favorite products to start the school year off right.  Some, even the parents can’t live without. Oh, and please.. don’t forget to sharpen those pencils people! 😘

Matein Backpack $33 amazon.com

This won a resounding 5 stars amongst high school and college students. With a separate padded pocket to fit your laptop, along with a built-in USB port to add a battery and charge your devices on the go. Plenty of room and lots of storage to suit all their needs. 

back to school kiss and tell

Mackenzie Backpack $40  potterybarnkids.com

Clearly, this little cutie was a sell-out for elementary-aged students. Plenty of organizational pockets to spare but it’s also extremely durable and water-resistant. Comes in several different fun patterns and various sizes. The best part is, they can also be monogrammed. So cute!! I want one!

back to school kiss and tell

Yoobi 1” Pink Ombré Ring Binder $4 target.com

If you don’t know this already? Let me give you a little clue. It’s just as important if not more, that their stuff looks good. Functional and works properly will usually come in second. This basic notebook works great and looks great for jotting down all their notes for each class. You might want to buy several. 

back to school kiss and tell

Hand Sanitizer $8 for 5 bathandbodyworks.com

I love the size of these! Small enough to slip in your pocket, backpack, lunchbox, or locker. Better yet, how about all of the above? At this price, It would be a good time to stock up. So many fun fresh scents to choose from, and your kids will want to use them. Cucumber Melon and Sweet Pea were the scents of choice for my focal group. 

back to school kiss and tell

Triple Header Maxi 6FT USB Cable $32 techcandycases

This 3-tipped charging system with an extra-long cord is a must-have for any household. Ideal for college students conserving dorm room space. If you are looking to charge your iPhone, Android, iPad, or e-reader, this has got you covered. 

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Emerald Faux Croc MacBook Case $95 chicgeeks.com

Candice Adams CEO of ChicGeeks designed for the love of color and was inspired by her childhood. Growing up in the ’90s when Apple introduced the colorful iMacs, she fondly remembers how they made each classroom and workspace so much more fun and exciting. Chic Geeks offers an alternative to the sea of chrome, where style meets tech. Available for your iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, keyboards, and webcams. The website offers an easy-to-use size guide for all your gadgets, thus removing the fear of ordering the wrong size. So, what are you waiting for?? Add a little color to your life. 

Chic Geeks kiss and tell

Back to school is here! Enjoy it with all of these great items.  I’d love for you to share my obsessions by using the social buttons below or by copying the link.