Our obsessions. We thought we’d been an online magazine too long without discussing the fun part of reading a magazine which is the products that they recommend. All we ask of our readers is that they share where they learned about these enticing obsessions.

Frank Body Coffee Scrubs $16.95-$19.95

Hailing from Australia and touting all-natural ingredients I am a huge fan. For the past 5 years, this product arrives at my house on the regular. An olfactory orgasm that leaves your skin so incredibly soft and smelling slightly caffeinated. I’ve tried them all and you can’t go wrong. Frank Body

Frank Body Coffee Scrubs
Coffee Scrubs

Bille Shave Club for Ladies Starting at $9.00

You decide on the frequency of your delivery depending on how often you shave. You absolutely cannot beat the price and quality of this company. Plus it comes with a cute magnetic holder for your shower wall.  Billie

Billie Razor
Billie Razor

Credit Card Slim Hand Sanitizing Spray4 Pack $12.99

 Let’s face it hand sanitizers will be with us for life. What I like about these is the slim shape. Put one in your pocket, your glove box, your kid’s book bags, and your purse. I have it on constant reorder. Amazon

Credit Card Slim Hand Santizing
Credit Card Size Hand Sanitizer

Larq Self-Cleaning Water Bottle $95.00

Kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in 60 seconds. This self-cleaning and water purification system uses UV-C & LED light that automatically turns on every 2 hours to clean and sanitize. I know it’s expensive but I think it’s genius. livelarq.com

Larq Water Bottle
LARQ Water Bottle

Province Apothecary Sex Oil $28.00 for 4oz.

Made from all-natural ingredients like coconut and sunflower seed oil. Not too slippery or sticky using it feels so good that I put it everywhere I feel dry. Including my hair. However, since this is an oil it cannot be used with latex condoms. Province Apothecary.

Sex Oil
Sex Oil

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