Summer is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family and really go out of your comfort zone. The beach is one of the most favorite spots to frequently go for summer vacation! The white sands, deep blue waters, and salty breeze are all a must while getting tan lines under the warm sun. The beach is considered a family space where you can enjoy yourself and wear whatever bathing suit or choice of clothing you like. 

One taboo about beaches that are never talked about—nude beaches. Nude beaches have a reputation of being a risqué space for people to take off their bikini top or flash their private parts to the general public. There are three things that must be clarified about nudist beaches. 

  1. Nudist beaches are an opportunity to be comfortable in your own skin. Many people that go there and have the option to be in their birthday suit have this freeing experience of having everything exposed for self-confidence. 
  2. Many misconceptions about nudist beaches are that people are going to be perverse and use it as a sexual way of looking at others in a disrespectful manner. However, that isn’t the case or purpose of a nude beach. Their purpose is to feel welcomed, accepted, and relaxed in a social or private place where it is accepted to not wear clothing. 
  3. The majority who are at a nude beach participate just like you would at any other beach with fully clothed patrons. Everyone is respectful and minds their own business, there is no mockery of one’s appearance because everyone’s ‘flaws’ some might believe are on display.

Here are the top 5 nude beaches to go visit…

Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, New Jersey: Its nude beach is located in Middletown Township, Monmouth County. It is the only legal clothing-optional beach in New Jersey and is managed by the National Park Service.  

San Gregorio, California: Considered the first nudist beach in America, San Gregorio Private Beach is a clothing-optional beach on private property. San Gregorio is a narrow beach. If you are looking for a private beach parking lot, it is north of La Honda Road on Highway 1. The beach opens mid-day during the week and all daylight hours on the weekends. The property owners charge a small fee to park on their land. 

Baker Beach, San Francisco: North Baker Beach is the clothing-optional area of Baker Beach in San Francisco. The clothing-optional section is far north of Baker Beach below a steep bluff. There is a more private area near some rocks, there are fixed ropes to help get over the rocks but be watchful of rising tidal waves. 

Moshup Beach, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts:  Moshup Beach is known as Aquinnah Public Beach. The secluded section is protected by Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission, where you can walk the coastline. The waves are larger on the island and can be used to bodysurf or boogieboard.  The nudist beach is at the north end of Moshup and can be reached by a short trail called Moshup Trail, or by foot on the South Head Loop of the Aquinnah Headlands Preserve.

Hippie Hollow, Austin Texas: Located at 7000 Comanche Trail, the water is very clear by the Lake Travis shoreline. This beach is the only clothing optional park in Texas. The fee is only $15 per car to access their parking lot, clothing is mandatory until you get onto the beach.  

June 14th is National Nude Day. If your curiosity is piqued by these different nudist beaches around the United States, I encourage you to check out these popular spots. Not many support the concept of having a safe space to let everything show, and that’s okay. But if it’s something you are interested in exploring, just know that these beaches are a stepping stone to being comfortable in your own skin and enjoying the beach life this summer. 

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