With January being Self-Love Month, it’s only right to treat yourself to a little self-care. These self-care tips are sure to make you feel rested, rejuvenated, and even more inspired. January means new beginnings.  This Self-Love Month, we’ll explore five ways to give yourself the TLC you deserve.

self-care tip 1

Start a hobby or make time for your current one

The start of the pandemic played a big role in people finding their passions and exploring new hobbies. However, with the return to work—whether remote or hybrid—you may have tossed your newfound interest to the side and dived back into the hustle culture. Winter is the perfect time to go easy on yourself and pick up that old project you’ve been neglecting.

Research shows that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression. If you never got on the hobby bandwagon before, now is a great time to learn a new recipe, read a new book, or seek out some variety in your workout routine. Flexing your creative muscles and doing something that puts a smile on your face is a great way to express your love for yourself.

self-care tip 2

Try a bath ritual

If you’re looking to relax and de-stress, a bath ritual can work wonders and help connect to your inner self. A bath ritual can be so much more than an ordinary bath, in fact, that’s part of the fun. Start with a bathtub full of a comfortable temperature of water then fill it with the things that bring you pleasure. You can try scented bubbles, bath bombs, rose petals, and more.

Much like a yogurt shop that lets allows you to add your own toppings, you can add whatever you’d like to your bath. Once your bath is all set, you can set the mood with ambient lighting and soft music. With a bath ritual, the possibilities are endless.

self-care tip 3

Pamper yourself

Like a bath ritual, pampering yourself is all about allowing yourself to relax. Why not invest in chiropractic services to get your body into proper alignment or treat yourself to a deep tissue massage to work out those tight muscles and kinks?

Research also supports pampering yourself as a buffer against depression. Think about it, how can you work productively and effectively if you’re not feeling your best physically and mentally? Pampering yourself doesn’t have to end with bodywork. Your skin needs love too! A rejuvenating facial or an exfoliating scrub may be just what you need to keep your face and body feeling baby soft.

self-care tip 4

Move your body

We touched on this a little earlier, but exercise goes a long way toward setting you up for success all around. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that help you to feel energized and better able to be more productive. Studies show that people who exercise regularly have better mental health, emotional well-being, and lower rates of mental illness.

 Exercise can also help to reduce feelings of stress and release any pent-up anger you may have been holding onto. Also, with improved stamina, comes an improved sex life, (wink, wink).

 Instead of coming home to your usual routine of plopping down into your favorite spot on the couch, throw down an exercise mat and experiment with some yoga or hit the gym and join a new boxing or spinning class. There’s nothing like working up a sweat to open your lungs and clear your mind.

Please note, if you do decide to try out a new exercise routine, ask your doctor to ensure it’s okay for you and won’t negatively affect any pre-existing conditions you may have. Start small and work your up to larger goals with the help of a trained health and fitness professional.

self-care tip 5

Take yourself out on a date

Masterdating is excellent for self-worth, dating yourself, and finding out not only what you want but what you deserve. Who says you need a party of two to visit your favorite restaurant? This winter, show yourself how much you appreciate yourself for simply surviving. Get all gussied up and take yourself out to your favorite restaurant or maybe a new one you’ve been dying to go to.

Heck, you may even meet someone while you’re out, though that’s not the main objective here. Taking yourself out on a date will help you to reaffirm your sense of independence and rediscover what you like and dislike. Don’t wait until you have company to go out, go out whenever the mood strikes, you’ll be glad you did!

There you have it. If you choose to do any or all of these 5 self-care tips, you’ll be in for a real treat this winter. As RuPaul says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love anyone else?”