Taboo topics such as sex-positive shows are discussed more now than they were years ago. Many tv shows have been made due to the progressive mindset of today’s generation.  You can see yourself in each of the characters. These characters are experiencing what you have questioned and your concerns are answered about sex as a topic of discussion or in practice.

Here are five sex-positive shows that may cater to your needs for entertainment, information, and learning about yourself as a sexual individual.

Sex Education Series

Sex Education | Netflix | Kiss and Tell
Netflix Series Sex Education

A British TV series created by Laurie Nunn that has 3 seasons. 

Awkward Otis Milburn runs an underground sex clinic with Maeve to make a profit on inclusive sexual education talk questions and concerns the student body has. In this British school drama-comedy. This show tackles masturbation, impotence, abortion, sex, STDs, and LGBTQIA relations in a bluntness that is refreshing and graphic in the way it is addressed. This modern way of growing up during the age of puberty tries to confront these individuals’ experiences in a funny, tragic, and heartwarming way. 

This show is really attuned to teenagers and young adults alike. Youth is a very prime time when sexual exploration and urges come out. I feel this show teaches the values of sexual health and learning about your wants and needs in the bedroom with a romantic partner or partners. There is more power in embracing sexual conversation than shunning it. Young adults are the focus, however, I also see this show as an introduction for older adults to understand themselves when it comes to adult sex and also being able to openly discuss sex with their children.

Wanderlust Series

wanderlust | Netflix | kiss and tell
Netflix series Wanderlust

A British TV series created by Nick Payne and has 1 season.

A psychoanalytic therapist Joy and her husband Alan navigate their new open marriage. Explores reasons why people have sex and what they could get out of it: power, control, happiness, and coping with things such as grief. It grapples with monogamy and its desire and practicality. Slow-paced but has meaningful dialogue that examines modern-day marriage and makes it a sex-positive show.

This show is on my Netflix list.

Easy Series

Netflix Series Easy

An anthological 3 season series created by Joe Swanberg 

This anthology is a modern labyrinth on love, sex, technology, and culture. It centers around different couples in Chicago. It explores their day-to-day life. You can always catch up where you left off with this series. It explores relationships, intimacy, and connection, through the negative and positive times it works out. We are all complex human beings; this includes our sex lives. 

This show is on my Netflix list.

Sex, Love & goop Series

sex love and goop | kiss and tell

A recent Netflix series that is meant to entertain and inform its viewers about new ways to become closer, connected, communicate, and intimate with your partner. This show is not meant to provide medical advice, remember to consult your doctor first. 

A group of volunteers explores new ways to figure out their erotic blueprints and find new intimacy and connection with their partners through the help of:

  • Michaela Boehim- a relationship expert
  • Jaiya- somatic sexologist
  • Darshana Avila- erotic wholeness coach
  • Katarina Wittich- family constellations facilitator
  • Amina Peterson- intimacy coach

These five experts in their respective fields help certain couples in their relationships. They help figure out their strengths, weakness, and explore unexpected and taboo practices to understand their bodies, and their partner’s wants and needs.

When watching the show with fresh eyes, I thought it was really interesting to actually see the couples filmed doing their practices. I feel that a healthy visual of these practices can encourage all adult couples to explore their needs and their relationship. I have never heard of any of the techniques or kinds of exercises they were using. But it was fascinating to see what each couple needed in terms of creating a sexual relationship, self-love, and understanding one another’s preferences and desires. It all stemmed down to connection and really understanding your partner and yourself as a sexual being. 

Bonding Series

bonding | Netflix | kiss and tell

A 2 season Netflix series created by Rightor Doyle

A New York City grad student Tiffany is a dominatrix at night and enlists her gay best friend from high school, Pete, to assist her in her night job. 

This show explores the kinks and fetishes that may seem strange or taboo to someone who has never heard of or explored them. When it comes to viewing the world of kink it is seen as a bad unforeseen play. However, this show explains the bonds between the dominants and submissives in the kink world. Kink isn’t a crazy taboo, it’s about trust between partners, a sense of intimacy, and connection for people who are involved in this play romantically, professionally, and platonically. 

Bonding is a sex-positive show that brings the perspectives of people in this line of work, people receiving, and people who haven’t heard of any form of kink play. It shows that all kink practices and plays, in any shape or form, should be treated as part of the intimacy between partners. 

When I watched the show, I felt a sudden realization about the different relationships is created for people in the kink community. I knew about kink but I felt that it was just a business arrangement kind of relationship. I know now it’s so much more than that. The people in charge of setting the scene have a high responsibility that gives people the freedom to enjoy themselves and not be judged.

If you ever had the feeling of keeping your questions about sex to yourself, watching these shows may give you the encouragement you need. It’s okay to take your time and open up about these things to someone you trust. Open discussion about sex used to be a taboo subject, however, society has grown and become open-minded. With television shows that are more open to talking about sex and safe practices, there is no need to feel ashamed or uncomfortable. With these five shows, you can explore what sparks your interests and have some of your questions answered. 

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