WOB aka women-owned businesses I love and obsess over!

Do you know when something is so great it bears repeating? Like rewatching the entire season of Downton Abbey or ordering the same thing from Nobu every time you go.

Why? Because it’s just that damn good. Case in point, this week’s obsessions might look familiar to some but they are all businesses deserving of a second look. Each product/company featured below was started by women with women in mind. And that my friends are worth repeating. 💋

 Power And Pleasure Pack   $21

lovability women-owned business WOB
kiss and tell

Initially, I was just going to recommend the “Hallelubeyah” personal lubricant. Until this little set caught my eye. Plus, they are offering a few bucks off when you purchase the two together. First off, I’d like to say I’ve become a bit of a lube expert.

Yes, I have tried that many. 😩Most will say non-sticky but what you get is sticky. Or they dry too quickly before they become sticky. Do you get the point?

Good. Hallelubeyah is long-lasting, silky, and slightly slippery but NOT STICKY! Yah!

It’s also PH-balanced, water-based, and made from 100% purified natural kiwi vine extract. That’s taking naturally to a whole nother level! Making it completely safe to use on all your nether regions, with your sex toys, and also for latex condoms. This brings me to the other item in this pack.

Lovability condoms are a company best seller and with good reason. Ultra-thin and made with 100% natural vegan latex. No harsh chemicals, dyes, or fragrances make them perfect for those with even the most sensitive skin.

But what I like most is, they are made to be worn by men but carried by women. This cute little tin carries 3 condoms. Keeping your love life discreet while staying in charge of your sex life. lovabilityinc.com

The Last Line

The Last Line WOB women-owned business

What started as a means of necessity. Co-Founder Shelley Sanders found herself on the never-ending search for the perfect earrings or rings. What she found with the fine jewelry industry, was everything seemed to be dated and way overpriced. Until she decided to design her own.

The Last Line allowed her the freedom to play by her own rules and design “fine” as fun as it deserves to be. Having a career spanning 20 years as head designer for celebrating jewelry lines and several luxury jewelry houses, doesn’t hurt either. 

If you have never visited this website, I urge you to. Every piece is beautifully made and incredibly unique. There isn’t one thing I don’t like. You’ll see. 💋thisisthelast.com

Move Free 3/4 Leggings      $88

outdoor voices WOB women-owned businesses kiss and tell

Outdoor Voices athletic wear is designed for longevity with the main purpose of reducing environmental impact. Only sourcing sustainable materials like recycled polyester made from plastic water bottles.

Also, pay close attention to packaging by distributing reusable totes and making sure all online orders arrive in 100% recycled paper and boxes. Now with all that in mind, this 8-year-old company was the brainchild of one young woman at the ripe old age of 25. Fabulous! outdoorvoices.com

The Honey Pot  Normal Wash $7.99

The Honey Pot WOB kiss and tell

The first complete feminine care system that cleanses, protects, and balances your vagina. Interesting story on how this company got its start. When this entrepreneur couldn’t get relief from months of suffering from bacterial vaginosis, she went to sleep.

I know…stick with me. It gets better. One night this founder had a very profound dream. A visit from one of her ancestors reciting the secrets of an ancient family recipe. This was the beginning of The Honey Pot. True story. Listen, I get it.

I learned how to drive a 5-speed manual car in a dream!

Anyway, back to this recipe. Each product is 100% natural, chemical-free, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and made with the power of herbs. Available at CVS and Walgreens nationwide. thehoneypot.co

Satori Notes Bracelet   $29.99

Satori Notes WOB women-owned business kiss and tell

We could all use a little pep talk every now and then, and that’s exactly how this business idea got off the ground. The goal for this female entrepreneur was to create jewelry pieces that would remind the wearer to be fearless and awaken the boss babe within.

I love the positive affirmation cuff bracelets. With sayings such as, “know your worth”, or “dream, hustle, slay, repeat”, my personal favorite, “CEO,000,000.” I can feel my mindset improving already! Go get ’em girls! 😘 satorinotes.com

The Beem Box        $46-$109

the beem box WOB women-owned business kiss and tell

Radiate, shine and beam with makeup uniquely chosen for brown-skinned beauties. I love how this company encourages and celebrates women of color by hand-selecting products from brands that also align with their belief in diversity.

You can decide to purchase one time or sign up for a subscription. Each Beem Box contains an assortment of products. Such as lipstick, eyeshadow, liquid liner, mascara, makeup brushes and so much more. You cannot go wrong giving this as a gift as far as I’m concerned. Who doesn’t like the gift of beauty? thebeembox.com

The Lip Bar “Bawse Lady”  $13

The Lip bar WOB women-owned business kiss and tell

While working on Wall Street this savvy entrepreneur started Lip Bar from her own kitchen. Purely out of frustration by the lack of diversity and the beauty industry’s standard of what beauty should look like.

Her belief being, there is no standard. You are the standard! These products go one step further by also being vegan and cruelty-free. Now sold nationwide in over 1,000 stores including Target and Walmart. thelipbar.com

Here are some other ways to support female entrepreneurs:

•Do an internet search of what businesses in your area are owned by women. 

• Support them by shopping and purchasing their wares whenever possible. 

•Don’t forget to leave a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. This helps increase visibility. 

•Last but not least, learn more about your local female entrepreneurs, you may decide to invest or donate to show your support. 

Either way, you decide, you are helping promote the growth of female-owned companies. 
💋I would like to encourage every woman out there to support female entrepreneurs and celebrate each and every accomplishment with them. 💋

Females make terrific innovators and entrepreneurs as noted by the products I obsess over.  I’d love for you to share my obsessions by using the social buttons below or by copying the link.