We are here for every person dealing with the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision. We are showing our support by providing as many resources as we can for the change we have been dealing with since June 24th erroneous decision.

Abortion Resources 

Locating abortion clinics

Abortion Pills

Legal Services

Financial Assistance 

How can clients manage their risk of criminalization in a hostile state?

  • Use a safe, private internet browser like DuckDuckGo 
  • Utilize incognito mode when surfing the internet 
  • Create a separate email for any abortion communication (ex: setting up appointment reminders)
  • Choose carefully before talking about abortion to another person. In some cases, this includes caution in front of healthcare providers
    • There have been highly publicized incidents where doctors called the police on clients who asked about abortion services 
  • Use encrypted messaging apps when talking about abortion 
    • Signal 
    • Wire 
  • Pay with cash or buy a prepaid gift card with cash and load the gift card with funds 
  • Turn off your phone location before going to your appointment, or choose to leave your phone at home
  • Delete browser history 
  • Set up a virtual mailbox in a state where abortion is legal and protected
  • Deleting period tracking apps

K&T is passionate about this issue of preserving women’s right to choose. We wrote an article on the difference between Japan and the US on this issue. We wrote about the impact of being in foster care with the overturning of Roe V. Wade and an article discussing Plan C.