Kiss & Tell magazine was born in response to the rampant misinformation about sexual health and wellness circulating on the internet. Over time, we’ve expanded our mission to combat the stigma surrounding discussions about sex in all its facets.

Our aim is to create a safe space where consent always takes center stage, and where sexual well-being and freedom are celebrated.

At Kiss & Tell, we welcome and embrace every aspect of a person’s sexuality. We strive to enhance sexual intelligence by providing information that helps individuals normalize their relationship with sex.

A positive connection with sexuality can have a profound impact on all aspects of life, from promoting a healthy mind and body to fostering a sex-positive relationship with partners and oneself.

Kiss & Tell magazine openly and precisely addresses various topics related to sex, sexual health and wellness, mental health, and sexuality. Every Sexual Health article undergoes a peer review by experts in the field, including educators and therapists.

Our commitment is to keep the conversation going while upholding the values of respectability and integrity.

Meet the Team: Diverse Backgrounds, Unique Expertise, One Vision

Jennifer Mcblaine, Phd

Founder/CEO, Writer, Podcast Host

Dr. Jenny (She/Her/Dr.) is a board-certified clinical sexologist. She feels and thinks sex is a marvelous and never-ending topic that impacts all aspects of our lives. Although through her education and experience, she learned that the topic of sex continues to have misconceptions, so she decided to start this online magazine. Fairness and equality matter deeply to her.

Sabrina Rojek, Phd

Sabrina Rojek, PhD

Writer, Advisory Board Member, Podcast Co-host

Sabrina (She/Her) is a world-renowned coach, public speaker and educator, alternative medical practitioner (holistic), hypnotherapist, and Entrepreneur. She supports discussing sex in all of its aspects. Sabrina enjoys our  Podcast interviews and learning more about what the audience is going through and what is relevant to them. She is constantly seeking expanded thought. Being a part of K&T, allows an outlet of information to travel both ways. She gets to teach and learn from our audience and the guests.

Lisa Speidel, Phd, Cse

Lisa Speidel, PhD, CSE

Advisory Board Member

Lisa (She/Her) is an Associate Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at the University of Virginia. She is a Certified Sexuality Educator (CSE) through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) and teaches such courses as Human Sexualities; Pleasure Activism, and Men and Masculinities. She is the co-author of The Edge of Sex: Navigating a Sexually Confusing Culture From the Margins and her new book, Bisexuality Beyond Binaries, is forthcoming in 2024.

Heather Goltz, Phd, Lcsw, Med, Mph

Heather Goltz, PhD, LCSW, MEd, MPH

Advisory Board Member

Heather (She/ Her) is an oncology social worker, sex therapist, and Professor of Social Work. She is also an oncology researcher who is passionate about removing barriers to care and quality of life for all persons affected by cancer. Dr. Goltz has published almost 60 peer-reviewed articles and several book chapters, primarily focused on cancer survivorship and sexual health. 

Ashley Grubbs, Phd

Ashley Grubbs, PhD

Writer, Advisory Board Member

Ashley Grubbs (She/Her), a Licensed Professional Counselor residing in Colorado, holds a doctorate in Clinical Sexology and is deeply dedicated to addressing women’s sexuality concerns. Within her practice, she specializes in assisting neurodiverse couples as well as individuals who have encountered trauma and seek to cultivate a healthy sex life.

Adrienne Brown, Lpc

Adrienne Brown, LPC


Adrienne (She/Her) is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist Candidate. She plans on obtaining a doctorate in Clinical Sexology. She has a deep passion for treating mental blocks that interfere with sex, sexual health, sexology, and assisting individuals and couples to enhance their knowledge of the mindfulness of intimacy and enjoyable sex.