Many individuals are interested in exploring different sexual activities that are considered outside the “norm.” If you are one of those people, you are not alone.

People have a specific interest(s) that will entice them to enjoy the intimacies with a partner or alone without one. This kind of specific desire is called a fetish. Fetishes are when an object, body part, or specific action gives the person sexual gratification. Fetishes can be fun if the individual or partners are happily putting it into practice. 

Some fetishes are associated with the BDSM community such as bondage, humiliation, dominance, role play, and gagging. Many of these are customary practices. What if you are interested in sensations? The Sensory Fetish play isn’t the most common practice. If you are interested in exploring sensory play, a sexual exploration through touch, then I have a few recommendations to help get you started. 

Remember any type of sex including fetishes should be treated with enthusiasm, consent from everyone, and be done safely. 

Sensory Deprivation: Sensation play can refer to a vast range of activities based on the receiving or withholding of different stimuli. Certain senses to remove can be completed by blindfolds, earplugs, and lighting. Sight, hearing, and touch are the common three senses taken away to give the individual a thrill. Sensory deprivation can be a playful game that heightens the senses for someone. Having complete trust between partners is a key for this play to be fun and gratifying. The idea of the unknown can be thrilling when sensations are removed.

Temperature play: An erotic play that heightens the senses using various temperatures and textures. This play can be conducted solo, with a partner (s), the possibilities are endless. You can use cold and heat in diverse ways that can heighten the sensation.

Some examples include: 

Ice cubes on back or nipples

Body-safe wax or hot oil

Warm or cool lubricant (can be a sensation during masturbation or with sex)

Tickle Fetish: This fetish is known as knismolagnia- the sensation of light quick caresses of the skin. This particular sensation can be light yet arousing for an individual. This fetish is an opportunity to be intimate and flirtatious, not just sexual. An individual might be aroused when they are doing the tickling (tickle top), or the one being tickled (tickle bottom). The tickle fetish can be used when restrained or not. Many people use toys such as feathers or tickle devices. Using fingers is common tickle fetish play, however, the sensation of tickling can be used with a person’s tongue or nibbling on the skin. This fetish is uncommon, but if being tickled is a great feeling, try it. 

Impact Play: Used in BDSM practice, where one partner strikes another using a toy or their hand. This can supply pleasure and gratification for the one receiving the impact. What is fun about this type of play is you can go to extreme or light. Whatever boundaries you set with your BSDM partner or romantic partner is up to you. You define the intensity of the impact. 

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Foot Fetish: This is the most well-known sensory play out there. There is so much “taboo” around this type of play. This play shouldn’t be seen in a negative light. A foot fetish involves the desire to have your feet worshiped through massage, smelling, kissing, and licking. The way the individual wants their feet to be loved is what makes the play special. This is an opportunity to explore the desire to be receiving the pleasurable act or giving it.

fetishes kiss and tell
Photo by Femme Spirit on Unsplash

For those who have discovered a lingering feeling of being touched or enjoying sensory pleasure, let these different sensory fetishes guide you and give you a sliver of what pleasurable action you have been missing. Whatever curiosities, desires, or fetishes you have been keeping to yourself I hope now you can learn and explore some more. Happy playtime! 

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