There are so many kinds of relationships with different circumstances and people. Every individual may have different needs, and we’re not just talking about intimacy in the bedroom. When it comes to relationships and forming a strong bond, learning about your partner and accommodating them can be helpful towards the relationship and yourself.  A relationship goes both ways, today we are learning about being in a relationship with someone who has ADHD. Two put it simply, ADHD can be categorized as two
behavioral problems having difficulty focusing and concentrating and hyperactivity and impulsiveness. There are 5 simple tips on how to navigate what your partner needs and using each can help both of you understand each other and grow.

If your partner has both or two of the behavioral symptoms, you may feel frustrated. The first important tip to establish an understanding with your partner is to learn patience. Patience is a virtue as they say. For example, if you are discussing something with your partner and they lose focus or end up discussing another topic; take a deep breath and either let them continue their thought and go on to yours or let them know in a respectful manner that you were discussing something first and to let you finish.

Having patience can be the one thing that helps your relationship blossom because you are accepting their inability to focus at times or be hyperactive. Sometimes people immediately can feel upset and blame others for not focusing on a topic or not, but being kind and taking your time on both can help.

Prioritize Communication

Communication is important to every kind of relationship. It is especially important if you are dating someone or married to a person with ADHD. Voicing your concerns or ideas about how to communicate with them and vice versa can help create closeness. It also helps you understand your partner’s communication habits and times they need space. For example, communication can lead to opportunities to learn your partner’s thought process when they cannot focus or get hyper or impulsive.

Communicate how it makes you feel, establish boundaries and implement some kind of routine that can help you both fulfill your needs in the relationship. Respecting your partner who has ADHD while they respect and understand your needs is the point of communication. 


Emphasize Strengths

When it comes to being with a partner who has ADHD, many times they are criticized or put down because of their condition. However, it is not a negative thing to have ADHD. They are just built uniquely. You love and care for your partner regardless of anything. To provide a safe space for them, emphasize their strengths, especially in situations when they may not fulfill a request or a goal they need to complete, whether you asked them to or not.

Encouragement like this can help them feel good about themselves and learn from their mistakes. The strive to improve and feel comfortable about themselves can help strengthen the relationship.

Resolve Specific Problems

You are not there to manage every little thing in their life. You don’t want to end up babying them. You need to address specific problems when they happen in a healthy way. Let them do the tasks themselves and if they fail or do not do it correctly offer solutions for next time. Don’t do it for them. For example, if your partner has an issue of always being later, figure out a time management tool or schedule that works for them. There are many apps and décor that can be used for time management in the house and on their phones.


Listen Carefully

You may think you know what is best for them to do and to help this relationship but the truth is what may work for you might not work for them. Being self-aware and accepting of ADHD is part of this process. Active listening and building a bond through actions and behavior can go a long way.

Listening to what works for them to help them concentrate to sit still or and such is something to keep in mind whether you go out or stay in or for any work or personal related problems that come about. Before providing any suggestions first listen to their part of the story then possibly discuss possible solutions that work for both of you or individually, depending if the scenario affects both of you.

Whether you have been married or are just dating, building a relationship with a person(s) who has ADHD is a process that takes hard work from both partners. With these five basic tips, put them into practice and let your love grow.

If you and your partner want to explore treatment, ADHD is treatable via medicine or other forms of practice. If you want to discuss any other medical terminology in regard to treatment, therapy, or more for you, your partner, or both, please ask professionals in this field of work on a professional medical site.