Here we go again…it is another summer of beating the heat. You no longer have to live in Florida or take a walk in the Sahara Desert to feel the searing heat of the sun. With many parts of the world reporting record high temperatures (as in highest ever recorded) most are ill-equipped or not equipped at all to handle such extreme heat. Allowing ordinary citizens to get pretty creative in ways to find some relief. 

With that, this month’s obsessions are my tips, tricks, and products to help us all find a bit of reprieve from the heat.

Parachute Percale Queen Sheet Set $229

Coming from a girl that used to turn her thermostat down to 69 degrees before going to bed every night. And I still woke up sweating! These sheets were a game changer.
For years I have been hearing about this brand and the cooling effects of their percale sheets. Today, they are all I use.  Made from certified premium long-staple Egyptian cotton to give you that cool crisp feeling. Yes, please!
Trust me, you will never look back.

Mission Cooling Neck Towel $14.97
The day I discovered these, I had just jogged our local park with a heat index of 109 and my usual hydration methods just didn’t seem to cut it anymore. That’s when a fellow jogger stopped to tell me about the cooling towel. As soon as I made it back to my car, I ordered one. Now I have 5!
It’s so simple. Just add water, any water. Doesn’t even have to be cold water. Then simply wring it out and drape or wrap it around your neck. Ahhh!! To re-activate, repeat with water and wring.
These are not just for people who exercise they can also be used for anyone working in or with high temperatures, great for dealing with hot flashes or to help cool someone down with a fever. See why I have five now? You can thank me later.

Tip- DIY Cooling Body Spray

Using a 3 to 5 oz clean unused spray bottle, add the following:
• 3-5 drops of peppermint essential oil. 
• 3-5 drops of lavender essential oil. 
• 1-2 tsp of witch hazel
• Distilled water
Start with the least amount of ingredients first, depending on sensitivity levels and the amount of cooling effect desired. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water, shake well, and spray on your arms, neck, and chest, avoiding the eye area.
I must warn you though, feeling cooler is eminent. Hallelujah!

Pause Well Aging Cooling Mist $39

If you are not the DIY type of gal, that’s ok too. There is a slew of ready-made cooling mist to buy, I happen to like this one. Created to help women relieve some of the symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes and night sweats to be exact but anyone can use it to get an instant burst of cool. Pause Well Cooling mist uses its own proprietary blend along with holy basil, false daisy, and menthol to deliver a slight tingle with a longer-lasting cooling effect that will not stain sheets or clothing. All within a refillable container. Works for me!

4 simple products to beat the heat…I hope you love my obsessions as much as I do…enjoy!