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Cliteracy Conference Highlights: A Journey into Inclusive Sexual Education!

Attendees were immersed in enlightening discussions that unveiled various facets of human sexuality. The conference shed light on the distinctive experiences of college women navigating a world marked by gender bias and discrimination. Participants explored the sexual journeys of Black ciswomen, emphasizing the empowering influence of personal agency in the face of societal expectations.

A standout focus of the conference was the concept of Cliteracy, celebrated for its role as a transformative pathway to physical, spiritual, and energetic awakening. The implications of the orgasm gap were also scrutinized within the realm of sexual health education, underscoring the need for inclusive discussions on sexual pleasure in educational programs.

The conference bravely tackled the rising popularity of rough sex and genital slapping, offering insights into their prevalence and impact on individuals. Furthermore, there was a dedicated emphasis on building sexual intelligence, with a spotlight on couples. Discussions encompassed effective communication, consent, and the empowering nuances of understanding Cliteracy.


Day 1

  • Laurie Mintz Cliteracy ConferenceLaurie Mintz, PhD: “Navigating Sexuality in a Complex World: Trends in College Women’s Sexual Experiences“
  • Jessica Ross Cliteracy ConferenceJessica Ross, LPC, CST: “The Joy of Saying No: Empowering Black Ciswomen in Their Sexual Journey“
  • Sabrina Rojek Cliteracy ConferenceSabrina Rojek, PhD: “Cliteracy Unveiled: Unlocking Physical, Spiritual, and Energetic Awakening“

Day 2

  • Grace Wetzel Cliteracy Conference​Grace Wetzel: “Bridging the Orgasm Gap: Insights for Sexual Health Advocates“
  • Debby Herbenick Cliteracy ConferenceDebby Herbenick, PhD: “Exploring Intimacy: Understanding Changes in Sexual Dynamics“
  • Marty Klein Cliteracy ConferenceMarty Klein, PhD: “Couples, Communication, Consent, and Cliteracy: Cultivating Sexual Intelligence“

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