Cliteracy Conference

Introducing the Cliteracy Conference – Unleash Your Sexual Well-being and Freedom!

At Kiss & Tell Magazine, we’ve always been passionate about candid conversations surrounding sexuality. Our mission is to break the taboos surrounding sexual discussions, foster sexual intelligence, and promote well-being. We started our journey to combat online misinformation about sexual health, and today, our vision has expanded to a grander objective: Closing the Orgasm Gap!

We are thrilled to unveil the upcoming Cliteracy Conference, where we intend to take our mission of sexual well-being and freedom to the next level.

Join us virtually on December 7th and 8th, from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM EST for this two-day event! This is your opportunity to engage, learn, discuss, and celebrate our diverse sexual experiences as a community.

Why Attend the Cliteracy Conference?

The Orgasm Gap is a pressing issue, and we firmly believe that education is the key to addressing it. During the Cliteracy Conference, we’ll delve into various aspects of sexual health, pleasure, and well-being, empowering individuals of all genders to embrace their sexuality fully.

What to Anticipate?

Prepare for captivating sessions, thought-provoking dialogues, and the chance to glean wisdom from top experts in the field of sexual health and wellness. We are committed to creating a secure and all-encompassing space where consent is paramount, and all facets of sexuality are celebrated.

Our conference will feature distinguished speakers addressing vital topics related to sexuality, sexual health, and empowerment. We’ve curated a diverse range of sessions to cater to your distinct interests and concerns.

Here’s a sneak peek of what awaits you:

Speakers on Thursday, December 7th:

  • Laurie Mintz, PhD: “Navigating Sexuality in a Complex World: Trends in College Women’s Sexual Experiences
  • Jessica Ross, LPC, CST: “The Joy of Saying No: Empowering Black Ciswomen in Their Sexual Journey
  • Sabrina Rojek, PhD: “Cliteracy Unveiled: Unlocking Physical, Spiritual, and Energetic Awakening
  • Q&A Panel

Speakers on Friday, December 8th:

  • Grace Wetzel: “Bridging the Orgasm Gap: Insights for Sexual Health Advocates
  • Debby Herbenick, PhD: “Exploring Intimacy: Understanding Changes in Sexual Dynamics
  • Marty Klein, PhD: “Couples, Communication, Consent, and Cliteracy: Cultivating Sexual Intelligence
  • Q&A Panel

Tailored for Licensed Professionals

We recognize the significance of networking in your field. Attendance provides exclusive opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals, fostering meaningful collaborations and discussions.

Subscriber Benefits

As a magazine subscriber, your questions will take priority during Q&A sessions, ensuring personalized attention from our esteemed speakers. Additionally, there’s an exciting opportunity for subscribers to win books authored by these respected professionals.

Attendance Gifts

In addition to earning a Certificate of Completion and 8 CEs (if applicable), as another token of our appreciation, each attending professional and subscriber will receive a Kiss & Tell t-shirt of their choosing. This allows you to proudly showcase your affiliation with our community.


  • General Public: $150 (Certificate of Completion and t-shirt)
  • AASECT Members: $250 (Earn 8 CEs and t-shirt)
  • Non-AASECT Members: $275 (Earn 8 CEs and t-shirt)

Join us in this groundbreaking event as we unite to bridge the orgasm gap and create a world where sexual well-being and freedom thrive. Save the date: December 7th and 8th, 2023, and get ready to empower yourself with knowledge and insights that will transform your life!

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We can’t wait to welcome you!

**Please note that if you are unable to attend both days of the event, don’t worry! We will provide a recording of the Cliteracy Conference, and you will have a 14-day window to access and watch it at your convenience.

**Be on the lookout for a Zoom link in your inbox on Wednesday, December 6th, allowing you to access the Cliteracy Conference. Please note that partial CEs are not available.