I had the wonderful honor of interviewing Elizabeth, co-owner and artist in charge of Custom ABDL, an incredible online business that offers a variety of handmade CGL and ABDL gear, including beautiful adult pacifiers. It was so lovely getting to hear more about the art behind her creations in addition to what has inspired her to continue promoting her business, Custom ABDL.

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Elizabeth is passionate about inclusivity. “It’s always been very important to create things every type of human can relate to on a meaningful level.” 

She makes a point to ensure that her products can appeal to people of all backgrounds and interests. I have been following Custom ABDL’s Instagram for a while now and I think all of her followers and customers can see the love and care that goes into every single product. Whether you are a little, brat, moon child, witch,  gamer, vampire, baby boy/girl, or non-binary, Custom ABDL has something for you.

In addition to my deep admiration for Elizabeth’s commitment to inclusivity, I also really appreciate just how unique Custom ABDL is. There are a variety of pacifier styles and designs to choose from, monthly giveaways, and opportunities for Custom ABDL clients to engage with the business through fun Instagram story polls. Elizabeth answers all DM’s and comments that she receives on the shop’s social media posts, which has helped to foster a sense of community for her clients. Custom ABDL makes looking for gear such a fun, exciting, personal experience. 

 I hope you all enjoy reading this piece and feel similarly inspired as well as awed, as I did upon completing the interview. I highly encourage our readers to support Elizabeth’s unique, one-of-a-kind business and consider purchasing gear from this amazing shop. 

Q+A with Elizabeth from CustomABDL

Could you please introduce yourself, who you are and what your business is- (the services or products you offer, whether this shop is solely online or has a brick and mortar store as well, whether you offer international shipping, etc.)

My name is Elizabeth.  I’m a lifestyle & professional dominatrix & an artist.  I own CustomABDL with my husband.  We offer a variety of customizable deco pacifiers, adult onesies & custom handcrafted leather bondage gear.  Currently, our store is only online but we do vend locally quite often & will start traveling to vend next year.

Are all of the products handmade? How do you source working materials? 

All of our products are handmade including the majority of our resin centerpieces.  I make most of them myself but do source from other quality resin artists as well.  Our leather is the highest standard Latigo leather, hand-cut, treated & dyed.

What inspired you to begin Custom ABDL?

 I’ve always been the creative type.  I’ve been assisting my husband with his bondage company which he started back in 1995 but it was never something I was passionate about.  I am on the autism spectrum & have used pacifiers for ages to stim.  One day I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be fun if this pacifier suited my personality”.  So I took the risk & ordered some supplies & from there there was no turning back.  I had found my passion.

When did the idea for this company start and how long did it take to actualize? 

  I started making them for myself long ago but started the business about 6 years ago.

How has your business evolved over time? 

My business has indeed evolved over time.  I started out using factory-made supplies & now I make the majority of my own with love & care.  I am constantly evolving as an artist.  Each time I make something I learn something new.

Do you run this company with a team or solely by yourself and what has this experience been like? Is it difficult to find people to collaborate or work with when it comes to your small business?

I mostly run things on my own aside from the bondage gear.  I have a lovely team of promoters who help get the word out & share the products they love.  

What was your biggest challenge when it came to developing your business? And how did you overcome this obstacle?

The biggest challenge I have faced running this business is discrimination from banks & the lack of access to advertising being kink-based.  I’ve had several bank accounts closed & my money kept as “damages” & social media accounts deleted & have had to start from scratch multiple times. 

A current obstacle I am facing is being unable to ship to certain countries due to the pandemic as well as increased duty fees at customs.  My international sales have slowly disappeared since the pandemic which is heartbreaking on many levels for both me & loyal customers who no longer have access.  I am hoping this will get better soon.  It has been a big blow. 

What makes Custom ABDL unique compared to other similar businesses? 

What makes my shop unique?  I would say ME.  Embracing yourself is a superpower.  There’s no one else on earth like you & that is powerful.  I see everything I make as a piece of art.  I put a lot of positive energy, time & love into it.  I take pride in it.  I have a unique style.  I take inspiration from kink spaces as well as nature.  Most things are customizable & my customs are almost always open.  I hold at least one monthly giveaway to give supporters the opportunity to win a completely free piece of my art.  I love my customers.  They give me the freedom to create every single day & I am so grateful to have so much support.

We also sell bulk pacifiers & supplies for those that are interested in creating their own pacifiers or even starting their own shop one day.

How would you describe your current goals for this company going forward? Are there any special concepts, expansions, collaborations, etc. your customers can look forward to? 

I am planning to hone my sewing skills over the next few years & start offering ABDL clothing, onesies, diaper covers, bibs, pacifier clips, etc.

Does Custom ABDL offer cloth diapers? If not, would the company consider selling cloth diapers in the future? 

 We do not currently offer cloth diapers but that is a possibility for the future. 

What does the process look like when it comes to looking for and hiring influencers/bloggers to promote the store and its products? 

We offer promoterships to those who already support the shop, love our products & consistently create content.  I haven’t hired any new promoters recently but plan to add a few more to the team next year.  Stay tuned on our Instagram @ customabdl for more information. 

How often does Custom ABDL hire new promoters? 

 Maybe once a year at most. 

In what ways does Custom ABDL engage with its clients? 

We engage with our customers on social media, with local groups, vending events & email.  I make a point to respond to every single comment I get on a posy, every email & every DM.

What inspires you when it comes to designing new adult pacifiers?

 To be honest I take a lot of inspiration from my own childhood, nature, friends & more.  I also look at a lot of kinksters in the community & take inspiration from their aesthetic & headspaces.  I always have at least 350 premade pacifiers stocked on the website with every theme imaginable, different pronoun options & also gender-neutral designs.

Do you offer custom-made pacifiers? If so, in what ways do your customers get to make their pacifier unique? 

We offer 3 types of custom pacifiers.  The first is a mystery design where they can choose the theme & color types.  The second is choosing phrases on existing designs.  These can be purchased directly from the website.  The third is a full custom where they can design the whole thing or part of it.

Could you describe the selection of bondage items Custom ABDL offers? 

On the CustomABDL website, we have pacifier gags, pacifier harnesses & a pig harness.  The rest of our bondage gear can be found on www.boundesign.com where we have our full selection of gags, cuffs, collars, harnesses, leashes & more.  Everything is made to order & fully customizable.

In the bondage section, there is listed a pig pet harness. Will any other pet space harnesses and products be available? 

 Yes, we plan to offer more pet harnesses in the future.

Lastly, how can prospective customers find and purchase your products? 

You can shop our products here:

  1. www.customabdl.net 
  2. www.boundesign.com
  3. Etsy: BounDesign
  4. You can find us on Instagram @ customabdl where we post new products daily & have fun giveaways!  We are also on Twitter but not nearly as active.

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