Easter is the one holiday that takes on a whole different meaning depending on who you talk to.
Me? I’m good with all of it. For example; if celebrating Easter for you mean eating chocolate bunnies all day? Ok. check.
Or it’s your day to put on your “Sunday best” to celebrate your religion? Ok. Check.
Maybe you and your partner have a furry fetish and it’s the one day you commit to being bunnies all day? Ok. Check check.
What? First off. Yes, there is such a thing and second,  I’m down with whatever makes you happy. No judgment here. 

But if you think this is just going to be another article on how to celebrate Easter, you couldn’t be more wrong. Below are this month’s picks that honor all things bunny. 

Roller Rabbit Sleep Set $118

Perfect for those cooler evenings or binge-watching Netflix. These adorable printed pajamas are ever so comfortable and soft, you are going to want to get a second pair. Seriously. While the other set is in the wash of course. rollerrabbit.com

easter| pajamas | kiss and tell

Marvels Marvelous Bunny $65

This little palm-sized gem is made from 100% silicone and is fully waterproof. Perfect for partner play, giving you the space for creative positions without getting in the way.

Designed with two flexible ears meant to nestle around the clitoris.
Yes, even your clitoris needs a hug.  Also, equipped with several different vibration patterns making this little bunny equally great for solo sessions. sheboptheshop.com

Easter | Bunny | She Bop The Shop | kiss and tell

Rabbits & Triangles Queen Sheet Set $224.00

Made from 100% Italian cotton sateen. This sweet sophisticated print shouldn’t just be reserved for the kid’s room. This is also a great way to introduce a unique print or a pop of color to your own room or a guest room. spoonflower.com

Easter | Spoon Flower | kiss and tell

Cotton Candy Peeps $1.25 & up

Love them or hate them? And yes, it will be one or the other. Besides Easter wouldn’t be Easter without them. Each year the company features a few new flavors for a limited time, cotton candy is one of them for 2022.

Maybe it’s time we cut them some slack anyway? After all, you try staying relevant for almost 70 years. Don’t forget to brush your teeth! Walmart.com

Easter | Peeps | kiss and tell

This month’s obsessions refer to Easter however you can enjoy them any time of the year…share these obsessions by using the social buttons below or by copying the link.