In the world of romance novels, traditional blueprints dictate the timing of the first kiss and the frequency of intimate encounters, crafting predictable narratives of love and desire. Yet, the emerging genres on today’s bookshelves daringly discard these conventions, offering narratives that not only surprise but also captivating.

The notion of ‘reading for pleasure’ has evolved, carving out a niche for a genre that’s both bold and enthralling: erotic fiction. Whether it’s a reflection of generational shifts, technological advancements, or simply a change in cultural tastes, you might have noticed the rising tide of this enticing genre. Erotic fiction isn’t just about the stories it tells; it’s about how it reflects our changing world.

Exploring Dark Romance: A New Trend on the Rise

Engagement with Social Media and Book Trends: Have you scrolled through BookTok or Bookstagram lately, or perhaps browse the latest at your local Barnes & Noble? If so, you’re likely familiar with terms like “sexy” and “steamy” increasingly used to describe today’s hit genre: dark romance.

Defining Dark Romance: Dark romance invites us to explore the nuances of desire and morality through its multifaceted characters and gripping plots.

Beyond Sweet Romances: Traditionally, “sweet” romance narratives shy away from explicit content, focusing instead on the emotional journey of love without delving into physical intimacy on the page. However, dark romance breaks these boundaries, infusing narratives with deeper emotional connections and vivid, detailed encounters of passion.

Themes of Intrigue and Complex Characters: Dark romance is not just about the physical. It often weaves stories around “bad boy” or “morally gray” characters, diving into themes of obsession, self-destruction, and complex psychological dynamics. These elements add a rich layer of depth, making the genre both thrilling and thought-provoking.

Here are a few dark romance recommendations: Hot Ghost Writer tackles the issue with the following definition of steamy romance. According to them, a steamy romance should have no more than two sex scenes, be emotionally based, and  use “euphemistic language”, including nothing “crude.” Once you progress into more elaborate descriptions, graphic sex, and some four-letter words though, you have reached spicy territory.

At 4Horseman Publications, an article translated these “dark romance” indicators onto a heat scale, often seen on social media as the one-to-five chili pepper scale. Our friends on the sweeter side of things who enjoy Christian or juvenile fiction, sit at level one (or what the MPAA would consider a G-rated movie). However, by that same scale; other work, like my Fashion and Fiends horror novels, land at a 4.5, receiving an R rating.

The Fashion and Fiends series, which begins with Manipulations, was written with complex characters in mind who use their sexual natures to explore their emotions and powers. They all get spicy. From there, my goal was to continue to write intellectually satisfying horror novels with elements of romance and the supernatural.

So, if more women are enjoying spicy books; and in many cases, people are annotating books to map out relationships and find the more advantageous parts with ease on the second and third review, could it be time to dive into erotica waters?
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Erotica and Its Appeal

Erotica stands out in the literary world mainly because it dives deep into the realm of sex. People flock to this genre not just for the plot but to immerse themselves in the sensory and adventurous journey of the characters. It’s a safe escape that can also spice up one’s love life.

Crafting a Unique Erotic Anthology at Parisian Phoenix: At Parisian Phoenix, our mission was to create an anthology that didn’t just cater to erotic enthusiasts but offered a broader perspective on BDSM, kink, and fetish. Working with Ralph Greco Jr., a seasoned erotica writer, we aimed to craft “Juicy Bits: Erotic Stories of BDSM, Kink & Fetish.” This collection ranges from light-hearted fun to intense themes, all grounded in the principle of consent.

Addressing Curiosity and Concerns: We recognized the impact of mainstream phenomena like “Fifty Shades of Grey” on public curiosity about BDSM. Our goal with “Juicy Bits” was to present a more authentic and consensual approach to these experiences. We wanted to provide a roadmap for negotiations and consent in BDSM, moving from the basics to more complex themes, each story labeled for clarity.

The Philosophy Behind Erotica: Ralph Greco Jr. shares his take on the essence of erotica, distinguishing it from straightforward pornography. Erotica, in his view, carries depth and nuance, exploring the complexities of sexual experiences beyond the mechanical act. His approach in “Juicy Bits” reflects this belief, aiming to enrich readers’ lives with both erotic and pornographic content.

More Than Just Writing: A Community of Creators: The good, the bad and the truly fugly, this is what erotica is about, as far as I’m concerned,” Ralph said about the anthology. “I write straight-out porn as well. As much with our Juicy Bits as with most stuff I write, I like to think there is a depth and nuance to erotica that there isn’t in the more ‘slip tab A into slot B’ of porn. But I do think we need both in our lives.

Ralph doesn’t stop at writing; he extends his passion through “Licking Non Vanilla,” a podcast co-hosted with M. Christian, another contributor to “Juicy Bits.” This platform allows them to discuss various aspects of erotica and connect with a community that shares their interests.

In The Aesthetics of Cultural Studies, June Juffer argues that the difference between erotica and porn is the claim that the former has aesthetic value while the latter does not. Erotica therefore contributes to a woman’s sexual mobility, which, in turn, allows her to pursue pleasure. “Erotica expresses the power of liberation premised on the transformation of consciousness, the recognition of what it ‘truly means’ to be a woman,” Juffer continues.

She adds that porn aimed at women will always be “safer”, for general consumption and the approval of society at large, than the images and materials that are available for men. Because of the patriarchal system that objectifies women through a pornographic lens, perhaps the rise of female interest in erotic literature signifies that the “fight” of the second-wave, “pro-sex” “anti-porn” feminists of the 1970s and 1980s succeeded in obtaining spaces where women can ingest erotic content. But how did we get here?

What do you think makes erotica such a captivating genre? Have you noticed how it can open up conversations about desires and boundaries?
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The Evolution of Sexual Literature

The Early Days: Manuals with a Masculine Twist: before the United States was even a thing, most books about sex that weren’t outright porn were pretty much guides or how-tos. And guess what? They were mostly written for men. Titles like ‘How to Have and Raise Healthy Boys’ or ‘How to Tell if a Woman Was a Virgin’ were the norm. These books tackled everything from raising kids to figuring out pregnancy, all from a man’s perspective.

The Erotic Wave Hits Europe: Fast forward to the end of the 18th century, and Europe is suddenly swimming in erotic content. It was a big change, but there was a catch. Society still frowned upon women who showed too much interest in these sensual stories. They even labeled overly sensual women as suffering from hysteria. So, despite the flood of erotic material, it was mainly men who got to explore these works.

Women’s Reading in the 19th Century: A Limited Selection: Moving into the 19th century, the rules didn’t get much better for women. They were encouraged to stick to safer options like Jane Austen novels. Austen considered a pioneer of the modern romance novel, offered stories that were deemed appropriate for women’s delicate sensibilities. But let’s be real, the selection was pretty limited.

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Fast Forward 200 Years: A Whole New World: Now, here we are, 200 years later, and the landscape of sexual and erotic content has exploded. We’ve got access to a vast universe of stories that explore sexuality in all its forms. And the best part? These stories are for everyone, not just men. It’s a big leap from the days of restrictive reading lists for women.

The Power of Erotica in Modern Society

Breaking Free with Erotica: In a world where women are often told to stay quiet, pure, and modest, erotica stands out as a realm of liberation. It’s like a secret garden where the rules of society don’t apply, allowing everyone, not just women, to explore desires they never knew they had. Whether it’s something you enjoy solo or share with a partner, erotica offers a judgment-free zone that can make you feel happier, less stressed, and more alive. It’s all about letting go and enjoying the ride without any real-world risks.

The Impact of Mainstream Erotica: In “The Good, The Bad and The Kinky,” Jessica Birthisel dives deep into how fan fiction went mainstream with hits like “Fifty Shades of Grey”, coining terms like “Mommy Porn” and highlighting the shift towards more sexually explicit media in our culture. But let’s clear something up: the term “Mommy Porn” can be misleading.

It suggests that once a woman becomes a mother, her sensual side should be shelved, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In the world of kink, terms like “Mommy Porn” or “Daddy Porn” might explore caregiver fantasies, proving that desires don’t diminish with parenthood.

Erotica as a Path to Self-Discovery: Olivia, a contributor to our anthology “Juicy Bits” and a professional life coach and therapist, sees erotica as more than just a fun escape. She believes it offers a mental health boost by encouraging readers and writers to face parts of themselves they might usually ignore. Diving into erotica can help confront our hidden desires, offering a path to deeper self-understanding and acceptance. It’s not just about the thrill; it’s about exploring the depths of our own identities.
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My Suggestions to Start Reading Erotic Fiction

If you are looking to explore erotic territory and don’t know where to start, allow me to recommend the following work. Please note that the links provided lead to, an online site that allows you to pick the independent bookstore of your choice as your retailer. All books are also available on the websites of Amazon or Barnes & Noble as well.

Dirty Pretty Things or any of the poetry collections by Michael Faudet. These are books with discrete, lovely covers that you would not be ashamed to carry in public.

Little Birds or Delta of Venus by Anais Nin. Considered the classics of erotic short stories, this collection has been in print for more than fifty years. These small volumes don’t offer the richness of erotic content today, but they hold a place in time as the easily accessible erotic works of the 20th Century.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice, who originally published as A N Roquelaure. Here, is how Anne Rice got her start before she introduced the world to her melancholy and sensual vampires in New Orleans. Furthermore; Rice’s Belinda, under the pen name Anne Rampling, offers a softer approach to the erotic mainstream, built around a mystery of identity and a creator’s crisis.

This is one of Ralph’s favorites (“Spanky, spanky,” he said) as he cites Belinda as one of his “most favorite books of all time.” William D. Prystauk, a contributor to Juicy Bits, agrees that these books are Rice’s best work. “I still can’t get some of those scenes out of my head,” he said, “and I don’t want to!

Even more so, William is a horror/mystery author with his own BDSM crime noir novels that straddle the line between spicy and erotic. The Kink Noir series begins with Bloodletting.

And Juicy Bits, of course. Readers of Kiss and Tell Magazine have access to a special offer on Juicy Bits, direct from the distributor. Click here for $5 off.


Acknowledging these hidden parts of our self can open the door to a more fully integrated life. We become able to show up more authentically, have more fulfilling relationships, and experience more joy,” Olivia expresses. “Of course, delving into shadow work can be a bit like playing with fire. We need to navigate with some caution and lots of self-awareness.

If you do consider yourself brave enough to explore erotica, you may find yourself better for it.

Let’s Talk About It

Isn’t it incredible how erotica can serve as both an escape and a tool for self-exploration? It challenges societal norms, offers a safe space for fantasy, and can even contribute to our mental well-being. Have you experienced the transformative power of erotica in your own life? How do you view its role in challenging the stereotypes and boundaries placed on us? Let’s dive into this discussion and celebrate the liberating power of erotic literature.

At Kiss & Tell we encourage all of you to find your most authentic and sexually liberated selves. As we continue to share what we know, we ask that you continue to comment, like, and subscribe for more!