I love female-focused toys before I get into that I would like to label the last year and a half as “statistical.” We have all been inundated with flow charts, graphs, and percentages. A real double whammy due to the political campaigns and of course COVID-19.

First let me say, in no way am I making light of the terrible toll this pandemic has made on our lives and continues to make to this day. I just thought while staying with our current statistical theme, I’d entertain you with a few other states you might be unaware of.

For example, when the pandemic first began, alcohol sales went through the roof, Pornhub reported a 35% increase in daily traffic, gardening supplies, and yeast packets became the ultimate bargaining tool on eBay.

So what does all this tell you? We are all a bunch of alcoholics, sex-addicted gardeners, or bakers? Maybe?  

For starters, the sex toy industry is reporting an impressive $15 billion dollar increase in yearly global sales with most of them focused on the female orgasm. According to Rolling Stone Magazine vibrators and/or clitoral stimulators saw a 26% growth in the past year.

Due in part to the “new normal” of social distancing but also the exorbitant amount of alone time we’ve had. 😬 There is no denying the impact the pandemic has left on us and the future is certain to consist of more virtual gadgets, immersive entertainment, augmented reality, and maybe even sterilizing options? 😕

But for now, here are my choices of female-focused toys to use for the ultimate orgasm.

Ose’ 2   $290 loradicarlo.com

Described as the ultimate clitoral stimulator for the blended orgasm. Something I like to call the unicorn. What makes this device so unique is the ability to adjust to your body. Making the double O much more possible. 🙏

Ose' 2 | Lora Dicarlo | Kiss And Tell

Satisfyer Pro 2  $49.95 adameve.com

Air-pulse clitoral stimulator that mimics oral sex. With almost 45,000 4.5 star reviews under its belt, where can you go wrong? One reviewer described her orgasm as soul snatching. Lol!!  Another said it was the first orgasm she’s been able to achieve since being put on medication. For that price buy two! Keep one on backup. 😇

Satisfyer | Pro2 | Adameve | Kiss And Tell

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace Gold $149 lovecrave.com

Ok, this might be off the cuff but bear with me. A modern piece of jewelry that doubles as a vibrator!? This won my top pick for the ability to be subtle and provocative at the same time. Both are meant to spark conversation and feelings of empowerment.

Yes please! Make no mistake this little gem packs quite a punch, with 4 different speed levels, 40 min of uninterrupted playtime, vibration is quiet for discreet discretion and chain is removable if necessary. Controlled by one single button and USB rechargeable. I don’t know about you but they had me at empowerment. 💋

Female-Focused Toys | Crave Vesper | Vibrator Necklace | Kiss And Tell

Vibe $45 getmaude.com

Look familiar? I know. I can’t help myself. This is my go-to. My time to fantasize and be alone with my own thoughts. A place where no one is judging me and also allows me to be in the moment. When I am in need of alone time, she never disappoints. 

Female-Focused Toys | Vibe | Get Maude | Kiss And Tell

Eva Hands-Free Vibrator. $135 dameproducts.com

This waterproof couples vibrator stays in place for clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Eva is held in place with little flexible wings that tuck under your labia. I like the idea of not holding onto a vibrator during sex and let’s face it, most of them are quite cumbersome and can make things a bit awkward.

For more adventurous positions you may need to hold it in place with your finger it doesn’t require a steadfast hand. For the most part, Eva stays in position well and allows you and your partner to use your hands for other purposes. (Imagination required)I would also like to add that Eva comes with the cutest little docking station that I call her spaceship. Trust me. You will agree. 

Female-Focused Toys | Eva | Dame Products | Kiss And Tell

I hope you get the chance to try all of the female-focused toys I picked. Besides having an awesome O, think of the sense of empowerment you will feel too!

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