As we head into August, I am reminded of those long hot days of summer during my childhood.

Growing up north, one had to take full advantage of the warm weather while it lasted, so we would spend our days at the nearest lake or jump from one neighbor’s pool to the next. Anything to be around water. 

As an adult, I realized my summer goals remain the same but there is one exception, comfort!

Gone are the days of scorched skin, uncomfortable chairs, bug bites, and green hair. 

Yeah, I said it, green hair, way too many times and long before it was ever cool. We might not be able to rid ourselves of these annoyances completely but we certainly can make it more tolerable. 

 My top recommendations for anyone near a pool, or lake, or lucky enough to be on the beach. Carpe Diem my friends, Carpe Diem. 

The Beach Bundle by Sunflow $296

This is the Rolls Royce of lounge chairs. Lightweight compact design engineered for long days relaxing by the water. The sunshade provides 98% protection from the sun’s rays and safety tucks behind the chair. Drink holder that adjusts to any drink size and collapses when not in use. An attachable dry bag keeps valuables dry safe and sand-free. Available in 9 different colors and patterns. Tan lines are not included. 

Hot Days Of Summer

IGK  Blocked- Water-Resistant Hair Shield $29

Modeled after waterproof mascara, this conditioner consistently forms a shield to protect hair from chlorine, sweat, and UV rays. Just comb it through wet or dry hair, pull hair into a ponytail if you wish, and voila. No more sun or water-damaged hair. Shampoo hair when you are ready to remove it. 

Hot Days Of Summer
IGK Blocked

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen  $34

Made with minerals and antioxidants, this lightweight formula will leave your skin silky smooth, sans the white chalky effect. Oil-free broad-spectrum SPF40 protection can also be used as a makeup primer. Either way, if you have been disappointed with the sunscreens of the past, soon you will be obsessed. This product is a game-changer. 

Hot Days Of Summer

“Do Not Disturb” Wide Brim Straw Hat $49.99 PeaCreationsBoutique

Why do you ask? Why not. This is not about sun protection or hair preservation. This is all about style. At a fraction of the price no less.  Yet, they are still hand-made and embroidered straw hats. Talk about making a statement?! Yes, please. 

Hot Days Of Summer
Wide Brim Straw Hat

FunBoy “Red Lips” Pool Float  $79

If you have not heard of FunBoy and you live in Arizona, I forgive you. Otherwise, WTH?! You are totally missing out! In fact, these are such hot commodities, their very own website is almost always sold out. Well known as a celeb Instagram favorite for their vibrant colors and inflatable fun shapes. Keep them on your summer radar. 

Hots Days of Summer

Celebrating Woman Wednesday

Here are two of my favorite waterside businesses. Both are owned and operated by women of course. 

Kitty & Vibe Swimwear  $38-$95

Designed to fit all shapes and sizes with its unique sizing system. Most companies just measure only hip size, Kitty & Vibe takes it one step further by measuring hip and bum size.  This ensures the right fit for your backside. Say goodbye to showing off more of your assets than planned for and also the dreaded saggy bottom. Finally, a bikini that not only looks good but is actually comfortable too.

Hot Days of Summer
Kitty & Vibe

Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30   $18.99

While living in Miami, this founder was growing tired of her blotchy makeup and the white residue that sunscreens left behind. One thing she wanted to make clear was that black women needed sunscreen too. There is a big misconception that women with dark skin are somehow immune to sun damage and skin cancer. This just isn’t true. Thus began the need to create her own all-natural non-white residue sunscreen brand for melanin women. This fast-growing company shows no signs of stopping with the hopes of being available globally one day, here in the U.S. you can find it at Target stores nationwide.

Hots Days of Summer
Black Girl Sunscreen

I hope these obsessions help you tolerate the hot days of summer.  I’d love for you to share these obsessions by using the social buttons below or by copying the link.