Talking about sex is still considered taboo in many areas of the world and not something to be done in front of polite company, mostly due to religion and antiquated beliefs. There are still people who don’t understand or support that sex contributes to a happy and healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Searching for legitimate answers about sex can be intimidating and overwhelming, so where can a person go to talk to people who are in the same boat, to speak to experts, share the good and bad experiences without judgment, and not be continuously hit upon? is the answer. Why is it the answer? Because one of their main goals is to make sure that every member feels safe and can get acquainted with like-minded people for support, camaraderie, and fun.


Heather Montgomery is the founder and CEO of She joins us to talk about making her dreams come true.

. You have turned a dream into a reality with, but you come from a very conservative background where female sexuality is repressed. The journey from there to creating a digital safe place for all people to talk about sex could not have been easy. How did you overcome what you were taught from childhood to become one of the forces behind this new digital sexual revolution?

A. Throughout my life I have struggled with understanding the judgment that people heap on themselves and others. Especially in the name of religion because I was born into a Born Again Christian family and my father read me the bible and children’s bible stories growing up. It was difficult for me to align the acceptance that Jesus taught vs. the judgment I saw in the surrounding environment. Love thy neighbor as thyself is the one commandment He drove home before His crucifixion and resurrection. LOVE is the primary message.

 I realized in my dream that the family unit was important to the safety and happiness of our children. It was clear, support the health of our relationship with sex, the sex we are having with our partners, and abolish the sex crimes against humanity. Exploitation, violation, ongoing sexual abuse, rape, sexualization of children, mutilation of female genitalia, and sex slavery are dark and criminal acts that must end so we can usher in the age of Aquarius. Equip people with the knowledge, healing, and education to create love and consent for all. 

Pleazeme Ceo
Heather Montgomery Founder And Ceo

Q. Why is it important that more and more women like yourself create their own health and wellness companies based on their needs?

A. Women understand their bodies, their roles in their partnerships, and the mental-emotional factors that women face. So who better to create and support our wellness needs than women who experience them firsthand? Many women want to support others, and they want to make a difference and have a purpose. Happiness is a choice, and following your dreams is a huge contributor to a fulfilling lifestyle. It is important for women to follow their passions and their dreams, so we all have novel and impactful tools and services that support our ultimate health and wellness. 

Q. One of the first things a joining member has to do to gain access to the site is to take the “What’s Your Sex Sign” quiz to be placed into one of seven different worlds. Why is this initial sorting important?

A. Primarily because it connects you to the content that would be of interest to you in a community of like-minded individuals, brands, entertainers, artists, educators, and thought leaders. Secondarily it helps one to understand their likes and dislikes, their desires, and their hard nos.

It begins the process of understanding how intimate desires and personal preferences affect our relationship with sex and with our intimate partners. There is so much for one to explore about sex and sexuality. We designed the sex signs to place members with people and content that will likely interest them and to foster an environment of acceptance of ourselves and others.

Q. Empowering people to explore their own sexualities in a safe space is an amazing accomplishment, but pleazeme has also joined the fight against human trafficking. What steps has pleazeme taken to ensure that it is a part of the solution and not part of the problem?

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Stop Human Trafficking

A. We look at ourselves as humanitarians and abolitionists. We believe that abuse cycles, unhealthy relationships to sex, and a lack of resources contribute to the 3rd fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. The US is the largest consumer of sex-trafficked children. As long as there is a demand, people will create the supply. We have specifically designed the platform to avoid much of the user-generated content that poses the greatest threat to the trafficking of children and the circulation of child pornography. We require channels to apply and prove that they are a legitimate law-abiding business. 

We also have user reporting features and technology that scans photos for known child pornography. We look to provide the healing necessary to end abuse cycles and elevate healthy sexuality. We look to call in and support the collective brainpower and resources of those who are passionate about protecting human life and liberty. There is strength in numbers and we look to educate and create a coalition to abolish sex crimes against humanity.  

Q. The first time you boldly entered a sex shop was overwhelming, to say the least. What was the one item that shocked you the most?

A. Oh boy, I wish I could honestly remember one that shocked me the most. I had never even seen a sex toy before, so what shocked me the most was how embarrassed I was to ask questions and hear a stranger talk to me about orgasms and pleasure.

I can say that what did shock me was the vast number of options of sex toys that existed for what had seemed to me like a very straightforward activity that involved only my vagina.  

Pleazeme wants to empower members through safe, well-organized, and ethical content. It is designed to put like-minded people together, and it doesn’t matter if a person is starting their sexual journey or is already well versed in the intricacies of sex and the many forms it can come in.

Its anonymity ensures that personal choices don’t become rampant gossip. The freedom to explore sexuality now has a new social media platform for all –