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At our shop, we advocate sexual health and embrace products that support this! To help explore your sexual appetite, we have collaborated with women-owned businesses such as sex toys, female pleasure products, and intimate clothing. See what we recommend below and enjoy!

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The Womanizer

Collaboration between the pleasure experts at Lovehoney & Womanizer, the Pro40 combines deliciously gentle suction with pulsations to lavish your sensitive clitoral nerve endings.

Waterproof design, USB charging and non-numbing sensations make for endless pleasure and effortless climaxes at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere.

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Ignite By Love Honey

Boost sensitivity and intensify orgasms with Lovehoney Ignite Pleasure Balm. Concocted from only the finest, most nourishing ingredients and formulated for quick, effective results, this creamy balm can be used anywhere externally for thrilling tingles.

Sliquid Sliquid Swirl 4Oz

Yummy! This stuff tastes just like Jolly Rancher candies! And, like all Sliquid lubes, they’re vegan, glycerin-free and paraben-free! Slather it on and lick away!
Available in a bunch of fun and SUPER YUMMY flavors!

Cherry Vanilla – Cherries and vanilla essence recreate this soda fountain classic.
Green Apple Tart – Crisp and tart, just like your favorite jolly candy.
Strawberry Pomegranate – Sweet and rich, like a fresh fruit smoothie.

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Australia’s post-sex no-mess sponge. Typically the ‘goop’ would be trailing down at a snail’s pace, slowly making its way into that uncomfortable and inevitable… drip.

It takes just seconds for byehoney to absorb everything. Then just remove it and enjoy whatever comes next, comfortable and free from the messy downside of sex! 

  • Super-soft & squishy
  • Sterile & ready to use
  • No additives, no added scent!
  • Immediate relief 
  • More comfort
  • Ships in discreet packaging


Lark Love Products
Romp Sexy Time Serum

Romp Sexy Time Serum blends derivatives of seaweed and bamboo with hyaluronic acid and healing botanicals for an incredibly slippery serum that feels like your body’s own moisture.

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2 Bras For $29

SavageX Fenty supports all body types. All body types are sexy. Don’t pass up this deal!

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Fluid Coco

Feel good all over.
Only two ingredients: Organic coconut oil and shea butter means it’s as natural as your birthday suit.
Use during intimate partner or self massage, or anytime to protect, nourish, and arouse your skin.
Warm tube in hot water before use for a sensual and relaxing experience.


The WaterSlyde aquatic stimulator is the revolutionary patented faucet attachment that harnesses the power of water for your personal pleasure. It’s a fab sex toy alternative to your vibrator, giving you and your V a new, unique pleasure sensation while simply enjoying a bath! Now Available in 3 Vibrant Colors!

Warm And Buzzy

Your bedroom would benefit from all of our warm and buzzy products. We have products that stimulate both pleasure points simultaneously.
We have products that are Fully adjustable to fit your unique anatomy.

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Origins Online

This is our only exception to a women-owned business because Founder and CEO Dr. Jenny uses their products. She is positive you would enjoy them too!

Early To Bed

Chicago’s first women-owned, women-oriented, guy-friendly, queer, and trans-positive sex shop.

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Naughty Girl

Naughty Girl sells fun-filled products such as activewear, swimsuits, pajamas, robes, and dresses. Naughty Girl was born out of the love for its creator for fashion, travel, and hosting events, and the desire to share the same love with other women worldwide!