How much do you know about fetish furniture? Perhaps you’ve always wondered where to obtain that dream dungeon-themed bed or that perfect adult-sized crib. Well, look no further! Fortunately, Lust and Lore are here to help with all your fetish furniture needs. 

About Lust and Lore

Lust and Lore is a luxury, custom furniture store that specializes in creating unique, high-quality pieces for the BDSM community, and anyone else hoping to bring their greatest fantasies to life.  Products offered by the store include bondage beds, adult high chairs, and adult cribs. All of the pieces are handmade and can be customized upon request.

Couple Wes and Richie Morrison, work together to create each piece. The process begins when Richie builds and assembles the furniture pieces. Richie Morrison originally started his professional career in marketing and advertising, as well as in graphic design, before switching the focus of his career. Wes Morrison began his own business painting houses and now he hands paints and stains each piece of furniture Lust and Lore produces.

When the couple moved to Oregon, they decided to help their friend with his custom furniture business, and that is how their journey began. Through their move and their involvement in their friend’s furniture business, they began to learn more about BDSM and different kink lifestyles, in addition to the stigma attached to these lifestyles.

The following spotlight article was written with the deepest respect and admiration for Wes and Richie; to recognize their amazing efforts to promote positive sexuality and for their continued support for the BDSM and fetish communities.

After their friend fell ill and it became apparent that he might not recover, the two decided to reach out to his son and discuss how they could collaborate and keep the business going. Lust and Lore have earned a great following and have become a very respected, cherished store in the BDSM community. While Wes and Richie do not identify themselves as being a part of the kink community, their mission is to help clients realize their fantasies, find happiness in their furniture requests, and ultimately feel accepted.

BDSM and its various sub lifestyles (Pet Play, Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL), etc.) are often left undiscussed as well as highly stigmatized or frowned upon. This has inspired Wes and Richie to use their work to promote safe, judgment-free spaces for their customers and those who identify as being a part of the community. Lust and Lore is a place where people can feel free to explore their sexuality and discover different sides to themselves.

The couple has continued to work out of Oregon. Their beautiful furniture pieces can be viewed online through their Instagram page @LustandLore, as well as through their LinkTree,, which features their website, and their Etsy shop. The Lust and Lore website is a great place for customers or potential clients to browse items listed in the shop, including their best sellers, such as the Saint Andrew’s Cross, Priory Bondage Chair, Bondage Star, and Leviathan Cage Bed.

See something you like? Have any questions? Feel free to reach out by emailing or by directly messaging the store through social media. Customers can also stay in touch and up to date with any announcements and upcoming sales by subscribing to the store’s newsletter.

Wes and Richie work extremely hard to ensure clients are happy and excited to receive their orders. Clients interested in special requests are always welcome to inquire about these considerations. For those who are interested in learning more about the materials used in fashioning these fantastic fetish furniture items, the website offers a comprehensive list of woods that are used, such as red mahogany, oak, and cedar. 

The attention to detail, coupled with the artistry and love that goes into crafting each piece is astounding to say the very least. Lust and Lore is a furniture store like no other that prides itself in delivering quality furniture with a purpose. For those actively looking for fetish furniture, or who perhaps just want to see what is out there before committing to a purchase, Lust and Lore is a wonderful store to consider.

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