Have you tried Masterdating? It is dating yourself. This is a time in your life that you are comfortable being alone and doing activities that matter to you. You are not looking for a partner or dwelling on not having one.  Being single at this time is about rediscovering yourself.

Masterdating is equally important as masturbation. During Masturbation Awareness Month, it’s a reminder to focus on getting to know yourself physically and mentally. The ideology of pleasing the mind in order to give the body pleasure. Think about it, if you can’t please yourself how can you teach someone else to please you.

The Benefits of Masterdating

Mental health 

Confidence is key. You are in charge of your own happiness it is important to recognize what makes you happy outside of being in a romantic relationship.  This is you could learn a new hobby. A hobby could be learning Tai Chi, meditation, or learning how to cook different ethnicities of meals. This new hobby would assist in managing stress. Stress can be anything from work, relationships, family, money and so much more. Finding that stress reliever can make all the difference in improving your life expectancy. Spending time with yourself and creating your own happiness is essential to living a fulfilling life.



Masterdating is excellent for self-worth, dating yourself, and finding out not only what you want but what you deserve. Getting dressed up and taking yourself out boosts self-esteem, if you look good you feel good. By spending time with yourself you learn about your flaws and learn to accept and love them.

Being alone people think that you are lonely when in fact you are taking care of yourself before giving yourself to another. Individually we have to learn how to satisfy all of our needs from self-fulfillment to psychological to basic needs.  As women, we are still regarded as if we are only supposed to be barefoot and pregnant.

Women have goals outside of becoming a wife and a mother. Be ambitious, try something creative and new to fulfill all your wishes.

Future relationships 

You can apply the knowledge you have learned about your mental health and self-worth and bring it to a new relationship. You will no longer settle in your relationship, your standards will be high and that’s okay. You have learned what you deserve and what you are willing to tolerate, but you will not sacrifice your happiness.

While in a relationship it is so easy to get caught up in each other that when your significant other is suddenly busy you are at a loss. Using Masterdating before and during the relationship allows one to feel comfortable being by themselves.

I know that it can be awkward at a restaurant by yourself (and I’m not talking fast-food restaurant) or doing an activity you would usually do in a pair or group alone. However, with all types of relationships, people get busy and plans may change at the last minute so why forgo the plans that you were so excited to attend?


Apart from making time to date yourself, use the alone time to masturbate. Masturbation is definitely a way to improve self-esteem and body positivity. 

masterdating masturbation

I remember a friend saying that masturbating will stop you from sleeping with the wrong people. When sexual tension is high people tend to make questionable decisions.

The benefits of masturbation, it aids in relaxation, reduces stress, promotes better sleep, and aids in positive physical and mental well-being due to a release of neurotransmitters and hormones such as endorphins. Taking care of your sexual needs and learning how your body and vulva react to self-stimulation is an empowering benefit to masterdating.

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