No Nut November is a trend geared towards men during the fall season. This trend puts men in a position where they must completely turn off all intimacy and pleasure for the entire month of November.

According to social media, the reason for No Nut November is for men to control their “extreme sexual appetites.” However, going “cold turkey” isn’t necessarily the best approach. You have read plenty of articles on the importance and health benefits of masturbation and how there is no harm in frequent masturbation. This applies to men as well.

The stigma of men being overly obsessed with pleasure is a brutal one but let’s be honest men and women alike can experience arousal and pleasure very strongly and often.

We will go over the stigma of No Nut November and how it began, learn the benefits of No Nut November, the risks regarding no masturbation (for men) in a month, the importance of masturbation, overcoming the toxic masculinity around No Nut November and how to explore other pleasurable routes besides penetrative sex and masturbation.

How Did No Nut November Begin

What exactly is No Nut November? To reiterate, it’s a particular challenge that has developed into an online community where the month of November is about a challenge where male individuals resist partnered sex and masturbation with the goal of not ejaculating for thirty days. There are online communities that support men taking part in this challenge.

However, although the intentions may be good, there are ramifications for this November trend. We are going to explore the very few benefits of No Nut November and dive into the toxic masculinity and stigma surrounding it.

The Few Benefits of No Nut November

 Resisting masturbation for a month can be an extreme order, especially if you are a frequent masturbator and sexually active individual. However, to shed some light on the few benefits of what No Nut November has done for men.

 Practicing abstinence & discipline: We love and support masturbation and forms of self-pleasure. No Nut November can be a great sense of discipline through abstinence to not become self-reliant on masturbation.

If you or someone you know may have an addiction regarding self-pleasure that can be deemed dangerous, seek professional help immediately.

 Improve mental health: No Nut November may have good intentions but toxic masculinity and expectations of men having to pleasure themselves using porn is not the only way to self-satisfaction. Having one source for a pleasurable release is a pattern that can lead to specific expectations when engaging in more physical activities with a partner(s).

Abstaining from masturbation and or sex can help decrease dependence on porn. Instead of using porn (with unrealistic expectations), there can be new ways of pleasure to explore that broadens your sexual horizons.

To explore other ways of pleasure: Enjoying new forms of pleasure can be a great awakening in your sexual life. Changing the game can bring on new ideas and loosen the typical expectations you have put on masturbation and sex.

If you are participating in this abstinence journey, now would be a great time to think deeply about what excited you or figure out new things to try out for yourself and or with your partner(s) in December.

What are the Medical Concerns Regarding No Masturbation (For Men) in a Month?

  There is so much hype and positivity surrounding No Nut November. However, there are serious risks to being completely abstinent. As stated by Urologist Dr. Rina Malik, one of the most common reasons to raise concern is epididymal hypertension. This condition is commonly known as “blue balls”.

According to the National Institutes of Health it is a “scrotal pain following heightened sexual arousal that did not result in orgasm.”

 In addition to discomfort in the scrotum area, not frequently masturbating can reduce the quality of your sperm. Dr. Rina Malik claims, “one analysis of 5,000 semen samples uncovered that sperm mobility was lower in men who hadn’t ejaculated in more than a week”.

The Benefits of Masturbation

 Penis owners rest assured there are more pros than cons. Sexologist and author of Sexology: The Basics Silva Neves says, “frequent ejaculation is good for prostate health and masturbation is a healthy behavior.”

Masturbation can be used therapeutically and has immense benefits to your well-being. One is that it can increase your mental health. Self-pleasure (specifically masturbation) can decrease cortisol levels which play a role in stress management. If your cortisol is high, it can lead to you struggling to maintain an erection.

Your physical health can increase. For example, a recent study showed that people (male-focused) who ejaculate five or more times a week are at lower risk for prostate cancer. Endorphins are released after masturbation which can help reduce pain symptoms.

In addition, keep in mind that the penis is made up of muscles. Frequent masturbation keeps those muscles healthy and helps prevent them from withering early on as you get older.

Here are the other amazing benefits of masturbation for both men and women:

  • Relieves stress
  • Relieves menstrual cramps and muscle tension
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor
  • Pain-relieving benefits orgasming releases dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, the body’s feel-good hormones, and neurotransmitters, into the body. (Kassel, 2020)
  • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer- Research found that compared to men who ejaculated four to seven times per month across their lifetimes, men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month enjoyed about a 31% lower risk of prostate cancer (Kassel, 2020)
  • Safest sex to have
  • A healthy way to learn about your body
  • Helps increase libido

Next, we venture to the nitty gritty of stigma, toxicity, and shame surrounding frequent masturbation.

How to Overcome the Stigma and Shame from Frequent Masturbation

 Have you ever felt looked down on when hearing toxic comments about masturbation? For men, especially, there is a painted picture of “all men are pigs” and “all men think about is sex” or even “men constantly watch porn” However, that is not the case for the majority.

In 1952, masturbation was considered a mental illness according to the DSM. Twenty years later it was removed from the manual.

Masturbation has always had contributing stigmas due to religious and cultural reasons. It is the twenty-first century and society is a bit more sex-positive. However, the stigmas will always linger, and men can’t control what everyone thinks regarding this topic.

The power starts with you gentlemen, it’s time you get to focus on yourself and overcome the stigma and shame.

The key steps to help overcome the negativity toward masturbation are:

Exploring through self-touch, and getting to know what your body’s wants and needs can be a validating moment for you. It gives reassurance to what is pleasurable and when.

Next is Setting boundaries for yourself and with your partner, a healthy way to have control of your needs, and that during physical intimacy there are respected limits between yourself and your partner.

Lastly, Having an activity (besides masturbation) that teaches you self-love and finding your worth through your body and everyday life. This is a great opportunity to get to know yourself more and take pleasure not only sexually but also outside those parameters.

Overcoming the stigma and shame surrounding frequent masturbation (towards men) now is the time to explore alternatives to bring intimacy, sex, and masturbation to a new level.

no nut November

Explore Other Pleasurable Routes

There are many ways to masturbate and explore pleasure, it doesn’t necessarily have to be penetrative sex or self-stimulation with your hand. Even just subtle changes in routine can bring a new spice to your life. New ways to change up your pleasurable routes are through:

Changing your position: try a new position other than lying on your back. Some examples include getting on all fours, sideways, or standing up. There are many more complex, stimulating, and simple ways to position yourself.

 Self-stimulating other areas: Explore the different parts of your body you haven’t touched or given attention to (erogenous zones or anus opening) besides genitals.

 Autofellatio: this is oral stimulation of your own penis. So, in a nutshell, males can perform their own blow job on themselves. This requires a certain level of flexibility.

 Devices that mimic oral stimulation: Using a toy for additional stimulation or primary stimulation is a great way to mix it up and find out what you like.

Try these sex toys geared towards men.

Je Joue Mio Vibrating Cock Ring: This toy offers comfort and power through vibration. Sexual Therapist Sid Azmi claims that what makes this vibrator special is it’s a tight rumble vibration which is more pleasant and safe when in contact with the male genitalia.

A device that can fit a variety of penis sizes and a comfortable fit. It is $89 on Amazon and $110 on Lovehoney.

 Tenga Flip Zero: Get ready for an ultimate stroker device that focuses on elevating masturbation and new sensations to your pleasure time. With the help of its flexible exterior, it adjusts to your hands making it easy to use.

There are different models of this sex toy to choose from. This beginner model goes for $89 on Amazon and $100 on Lovehoney.

 Wild Flower Enby 2 Rechargeable Vibrator: A versatile and flexible wrap-around vibrator. This amazing device can be used between partners and also can attach to a harness. You can buy this vibrator on Amazon for $75 or on Wild Flower Sex for $75

 b-vibe anal education set: A kit for beginners who want to explore anal. Includes an enema kit, lube shooter, and 3 plug sizes (vibrating and/or nonvibrating options).

There is also a how-to book for safe and fun play. The entire kit can be found on Amazon for $150


Now that you’ve learned the entirety of what No Nut November represents, the negative stigmas and toxicity behind it, and the benefits and concerns surrounding this month; you go on to explore a sexual journey that includes squashing the male shame, exploring new forms of pleasures and knowing the many benefits of masturbation and self-pleasure!