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4 New Weekly Obsessions for You

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4 weeks of weekly obsessions! An entire month has gone by, we hope you have enjoyed learning about all the products that K&T recommends. Every week we will post new products we obsess over and where to purchase them.

Pineapple Collaborative Olive Oil 16.9 oz $34.00

This small-batch 100% Organically grown olive oil made in California and founded by women is what attracted me to this company. Now it’s the only olive oil I use. So light, fresh, and slightly fruity, I use it on everything. You will love the tin it comes in with your choice of 3 colors. It also makes a fabulous hostess gift or a great gift for any occasion. Cute enough to leave out on the kitchen counter.  While your there, the apple cider vinegar is as equally fantastic.

Pineapple Olive Oil

Linda Exfoliating Bath Glovespack of Four $6.98

Be prepared for softer smoother skin and a much closer shave. Every time you shower or bathe, slip these on and use with your favorite body wash or body scrub if your looking for a little extra exfoliation. I use mine on a daily basis and throw them out after a week or two. Each pack comes with 4 different colors so each family member can use their own. No sharing please. At this price, there is no need to. Amazon

Green Exfoliating Gloves

Bosu Balance Podspack of two $28.09

Let me just say these little things are genius. I like multi-tasking so doing two things at once is right up my alley. By standing on these 6 inch round pods while doing free weight exercises,  It forces you to engage your core, which inevitably improves your balance. It’s a win-win situation. Can also be used with bodyweight exercises like squats, planks, push-ups, or bridges. Definitely a part of my new workout routine. Walmart

Bosu Pods

Found My Animal Splatter Sweatshirt Prismatic $40

If you would like your 4 legged friend to be on-trend, it doesn’t get any better then this. Tie-dye sweatshirts ranging in sizes from XS-XL. So if you have a chihuahua or a Great Dane, they will be a star on the sidewalk. This Brooklyn based company founded by women also support animal welfare and rescue organizations. Part of the proceeds from their sales is donated to various causes. Everything on this website is totally adorable. You can also get a matching tee for yourself!

Splatter Sweatshirt

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