This week’s obsessions are all about Valentine’s gifts. I know what you’re thinking.. how cliche? Can’t we all just move away from this Hallmark holiday? My answer is simple. No!!

Look, we could all use a bright spot in our lives right now. So celebrate with me! I don’t care who you love and if that spot happens to be vacant for the moment, then please, I beg you, love your damn self. 🥰

For the month of February Kiss and Tell Magazine has partnered with De’sirables, a woman-owned company that specializes in intimate products. Use the code KISST10 to get 10% off your entire first order. 

Self-Love Set        $165

This specially curated box was created just for Valentine’s Day. What you get is De’sirables signature G-spot dildo “Dalia”.Made completely out of the finest porcelain and designed for slow-sex. You also receive “Smooth Operator”,  an organic water based lube that’s body safe and toy safe.

Valentine'S Gift

Bouqs Monthly Flower Subscription $36-$60 

A few years ago my son sent me a gorgeous bouquet of tulips for Mother’s Day, and I’ve been in love with their arrangement style ever since. Why not enjoy the beauty all year long? Who wouldn’t like fresh beautiful flowers delivered to their door every month?

Choose between original-15 stems, deluxe-30 stems, or grand-45 stems for your bouquet size. Then wait for happiness to arrive. Bouqs works with farm direct, partnering with eco-friendly farmers that use sustainable growing practices to minimize waste and recycle water. Basically saying goodbye to the middleman and saying hello to fresh flowers.

Valentine'S Gift

Norman Love Chocolates Signature Set $59.95

Ranked among the top 10 chocolate shops in the world and with good reason. These delectable chocolates are expertly hand painted and make a stunning presentation. I have been lucky enough to receive a box or two in my lifetime and they certainly make an impression. These edible works of art make a great gift all year round, and for those who think they are too pretty to eat, trust me, they taste even better.

Valentine'S Gift

Valentine’s Day Meal Kit $49.95

I believe cooking together can be very romantic. Especially when paired with nice music and good wine. Now don’t panic, chef experience is not required. Basic skill is all that is needed for most meals and they come with very clear cooking instructions. These meals are also a great way to try something new or if you can’t decide what to make for dinner.

Perfectly portioned for two or four and most grocery store chains are now offering these quick cook meals. So tie on your aprons and channel your inner Giada and Bobby Flay. 😋

Valentine'S Gift

The thoughtful commonality in all of these gifts is they can be used for birthdays, anniversaries or any type of celebration when gifts are usually exchanged.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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