Heading into another week of the new year means that we are sticking to the list of resolutions that we wrote before the clock struck midnight. Oddly enough, while the past year seemed to be a little difficult for everyone, being able to usher in another year with the person we love most made things a little easier.

As you continue to grow with your significant other, the following five relationship resolutions can aid your connection as you set out to conquer the months that follow.

Maintain Individuality

Two crucial components of a thriving relationship are self-awareness and a healthy sense of individuality. As beings who thrive off intimacy and connection though, that individuality can become distorted when the well-being and desires of your significant other overshadow your own. This loss can lead to a lack of boundaries, frequent miscommunication in the relationship, or relying solely on them for our happiness.

As stated in Dr. Tasha Eurichs’ Insight, internal self-awareness is “an inward understanding of your values, passions, aspirations…External self-awareness is about understanding yourself from the outside in—that is, knowing how other people see you.”

As couples consistently see one another engaging in hobbies that they enjoy, they view each other being the most confident versions of themselves and nothing is sexier than that.  

Unplug from Social Media

More than ever, social media has become the lens that we view love through. As timelines are filled with ‘date ideas in your city’ and everyone’s newest “relationship goals”, it is hard to escape that illusion of the “perfect relationship”.

People already spend well over two hours per day idly glaring at their phone screens. But imagine how much of that time could be reinvested in our relationships if we put them down though. In addition to becoming less burdened by constant information overload, creatively coming up with ways to spend quality time with our partner breeds intentionality.

A detox is defined as the process of ridding the body of unhealthy substances, this pertains to the mind as well and can apply to social media. For our take on the benefits of social detoxing, click here.

Make time for Sex

Friday, January 12th: Have sex. You already know that you will have to make time for it, but how romantic…you’ve become the couple who plans their sex life. As everything else has seemingly become prioritized over the moments that used to be so unforgettably spontaneous, scheduled sex can still be fun.

Scheduling sex is all about intentionality and imagination; and while reigniting that spark of your relationship takes work, it is still possible. Build sexual tension by sending flirty messages or sexy pictures throughout the day. As you make it known how much you are craving your partner while being apart, both of you have something to hope for.

Engage in meaningful foreplay as well. By taking the time to appreciate your partner’s body, the two of you become more comfortable and open to giving pleasure based on a heightened sense of arousal.

relationship resolutions

Celebrate the Little Moments

More often than not, we wait until “grand” moments happen before we find a reason to celebrate. But what if landing that big presentation at work today was cause enough? As people who may become so accustomed to routine, couples who willingly acknowledge these smaller milestones set a particular tone in their relationship.

Taking the time to celebrate the everyday moments in our lives not only gives us something to look forward to, but it causes us to shift our perspective to understand that we don’t have to wait until we cross the finish line just to enjoy the champagne. 

Learn from that Older Couple

Naturally, as anyone would imagine their lives in twenty years, they also long to know the secret to a love that can withstand anything. Taking time to learn from an older couple who has been where you and your significant other are, could help you navigate the road ahead. According to Greatness, three factors to a long and happy life include fighting fair, accepting change, and showing affection.

Showing affection can be displayed in a multitude of small and overt gestures, but the most important part of loving another person is doing it in ways that make them feel cared for. This involves communicating to understand your partner’s love language. Be mindful not to mishandle their heart and emotions by showering them with gifts when all they want to be met with is a hot bath after a long day at work.

Learning to fight fairly means that both of you walk away from an issue with a resolve that does not leave either of you feeling demeaned. However, as young adults in relationships with varied levels of maturity; in comparison to being older, it determines how arguments end. At the height of any disagreement, there is nothing wrong with momentarily tempering the discussion for a later time to ultimately save the relationship.

As people are shaped by unexpected life events, they begin to view the world and love differently. Change can be unnerving, but it does not necessarily mean that a couple will outgrow one another. By maintaining a safe space to allow your partner to reintroduce themselves to you and being mindful to court them as time goes on, the relationship grows as the spark is kept alive.

relationship resolutions


As we step into another week of the new year, prioritizing individuality, disconnecting from social media, scheduling intimate moments, celebrating small victories, and learning from older couples can fortify our relationships. These resolutions serve as a guide to fostering self-awareness, intentional connection, and enduring love. Let these commitments pave the way for a year filled with shared joy and lasting connection.

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