Romantic relationships, during the holiday season, can be very difficult to prioritize. Especially because of all the distractions from holiday parties, family gatherings, holiday shopping, traveling to simply preparing for the new year. Feeling disconnected in your relationship can present itself in many ways during the happiest time of the year.

The effort put into reconnecting is very important.  Reconnecting will help with reducing stressors, enhancing your emotional connection, and reinforcing the reason you are committed to each other, especially during the rough times that come with the holidays approaching and cultivating the intimate bond in your relationship.   

There are many ways to reconnect.  However, you want to ensure you are connecting with your partner in a way that they are receptive and aligns with their love language.  Find out what your partner most desires and needs during the holidays and capitalize on that. Reconnecting is not limited to just physical intimacy. It can be acts of service or an emotional connection.  Connecting emotionally can assist with uplifting distress and seasonal depression that typically comes with the holidays.

According to (Gladd, 2017), an emotional connection is a bundle of subjective feelings that come together to create a bond between two people. The word emotional means to arouse strong feelings. And one sure way to connect emotionally is to be vulnerable with each other.  During the holiday vulnerability can be difficult due to already being overstimulated with everything else in preparing for the holiday. However, planning the time and space to be vulnerable can help with preventing a diminished desire to do more with a partner because of the stress of everything else in the moment. 


Vulnerability is something that should be practiced solo for personal growth and with your partner. This helps create a sense of safety and security when you can connect through a vulnerability. This will help with all the things that come with participating in the holiday hustle and bustle.  Some of the different ways you can practice vulnerability to reconnect with your partner include asking for help, offering help to your partner, being forthcoming about feelings that may arise during the holidays, being patient with each other, displaying empathy, expressing appreciation and love with specific details, and touch with eye contact just to name a few. 

As mentioned before, reconnecting during the holiday is essential in the adjustments of what comes with preparing and participating in the holidays and just in general when you feel you have to reignite things.  The list below will give you different ways to reconnect in unique approaches that you can tailor specifically to your relationship.  Be creative when you are coming up with your own activities besides the ones listed and normalize reconnection in your relationship.

Easy Ways for Relationships Reconnect

  • Cook together
  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Wrap gifts together
  • Be playful and make each other laugh
  • Decorate together
  • Get together before the holidays to talk about the holiday plans
  • Watch old Christmas movies each of you grew up on with popcorn
  • Recreate old Holiday traditions together that are no longer being practiced with your family
  • Try a new physical activity together
  • Be caring in a significant way where you see it needed
  • Give compliments
  • Prioritize sex
  • Creating moments of vulnerability
  • Play a couple’s game that requires asking each other different questions
  • Be patient with each other
  • Communicate expectations
  • Discuss goals for the new year
  • Surprise each other with your favorite snack or dish

As you read, relationship reconnecting can be a sure way to manage your emotions and mood during the holidays.  It can allow you to get support from your partner and vice versa to distract and release some of the heaviness that comes with preparing and participating in holiday activities. Connecting and reconnecting is intentional, thoughtful, and trusting.

Maintaining this, strengthens the connection between you even when you are experiencing low moments. The relationships reconnect gives both of you confidence you can get through the holidays (or anything) because of the connection both of you have cultivated.  Connect with yourself, connect with your partner and the world around you.