Advice for Dating this Valentine’s Day

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Relationships


Dating has been tricky during the pandemic. There has been a lot of dating virtually and getting to know each other on a friendship level. This has been a positive because people are able to be more open with one another and build a strong foundation. Then when both people feel comfortable, they meet up for picnics, walks, hikes, and outdoor meetings.

Once they meet in person there is a better understanding of a physical connection. I have noticed that more people have given someone an opportunity to get to know them better because they had previously connected over the phone and virtually as well as meet them in person. This allowed them to form more of a physical connection verse writing someone off after the first date because they didn’t feel instant chemistry.    

When meeting someone new be positive and friendly. Talk about good things in your life. Your goals, hopes, hobbies and what you love. Steer away from any negative conversations. Try to be upbeat, fun, energetic. So many times, people talk about drama with their family, money, job, etc. You don’t want to come across as needing to be fixed or helped.  

Other advice when meeting someone new is to truly open yourself up with someone that you are trying to get to know. This will then allow them to open up to you as well. Find things in common and use that to build and help the conversation flow. Being honest and forthright helps people bond. Think about a new friendship, you bond with friends because you find commonalities, being likeminded and having similarities in your lives. The same goes for dating.

Being happy and content in your life is especially important when looking for “the one”. You need to be solid mentally before you bring anyone else into your life. No one can make you happy until you make yourself happy. Make sure you are happy with where your life is right now. Being happy alone and then finding the right person would just be the cherry on top of your already fulfilled life. 

Some ideas I have for this Valentine’s Day would be to put together a romantic picnic at a beautiful scenic location or the beach. She also suggests a romantic evening at home, bringing in a chef or masseuse for a relaxing evening in. If you’re more of an outdoorsy couple than try some adventures like, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, walks on the beach or alongside a lake.   

Don’t give up on dating during this crazy time. People now more than ever are wanting to meet the right person and are tired of being alone. Be in a positive frame of mind when meeting new people. Be happy with yourself and your life and let people into your life that will pick you up and make you feel amazing. Life is short don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Sending love, happiness, and health to you all. 


Tammi Solo Red Stripped Tammi Pickle

Tammi Pickle is VP and Partner of Elite Connections International which is a family-owned high end matchmaking agency that has been in business for the last 27 years. She personally meets, screens, and matches her professional clients to each other nationwide and internationally. She gets and gives critical feedback to her clients so she can help them understand and learn from their dating experiences. She matches according to preference and gets to know each client personally. She has a feeling of when two people would be a good fit based on personality, interests, hobbies, and personal preferences. She has been making successful matches for the last 22 years and has an 86 % success rate that she will help her clients find “the one”.

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