On the Today show a few days ago, I saw a segment about a new reality television show called Sex with Brody starting soon. Brody is the son of Caitlyn Jenner in case you have been under a rock lately formally known as Bruce Jenner. My initial reaction was “blah, blah, blah”. Seriously, do we need another reality television show about sex? Don’t misunderstand me of course; I love the topic of sex, however, I do not love the sensationalism of it.

sex with Brody
sex with brody

Sensationalism sells, I understand, however it also dilutes the message. What do I mean by dilute? I mean that the information presented is superficial and one-sided. Sensationalistic television is for shock and entertainment value. This form of entertainment can be misleading. People easily assume that all of us feel and behave in the manner seen on television.

I’m concerned that this will be another reality show that uses a scripted version. Honestly, it is difficult to have a candid discussion about sex on television. People typically ask and answer questions based on what would be acceptable instead of what they think or feel.

I hope that some of the discussions will be about unequal orgasms between men and women, on the redefining of the g-spot as it is considered an erogenous zone rather than an actual spot.

Discussions on how clear communication is a must between partners regarding their wants, desires, and needs concerning sex and the information discussed is educational by reminding people that there are many definitions of sex and not to limit it to just intercourse.

Sex is a wondrous topic that has many twists and turns. Sex is delicate while simultaneously being intricate. Can a talk show with quasi-famous people respect the true nature of this phenomenal topic?

I’m also curious about how much the general public learns from these shows. Do people truly tune in to gleam some newfound understanding or rather is it watched because people can’t help but look when they see a train wreck?

Maybe I’m being too harsh and this is an example of a book being judged by its cover. I will watch the show when it airs, be open-minded, and write a follow-up article. To be continued…

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