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Exploring Kink 101

exploring kink

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Have you ever thought about exploring kink but unsure of how to navigate this area or even understand what sexual activity is labeled as kink to determine if it’s right for you and your partner?  Read on 😊

What does this involve exploring kink?

 Kink to this day is still taboo, stigmatized, and frowned upon. When individuals who have no proper knowledge of what kink is in its entirety it can be perceived as illegal, a tortuous unwilling act, weird, freaky, and adopting the perceived notion that such kink acts originate from past traumas that are unconventional from normal acts of sexual expression such as missionary, kissing, touching and masturbation. What most people do not realize is that they have probably engaged in a kink act without even realizing it.  Kink is the outer boundaries that you would not think to explore that falls out of convention from the normal practices I previously mentioned.  Some example of kinky acts includes handcuffs, blindfolds, fetishes, role-playing, and even fantasizing through storytelling with your partner in bed amongst other acts that will be discussed.   Kinky sex can be an incredibly positive and explorative experience if you apply the essential factors to ensure safety, and pleasure to gain a new sense of desire and confidence with your partner.  

Some examples of kink

Photo by Will O on Unsplash

 As we explore safety, responsibility and risk there are some precautionary measures you should consider before engaging into kinky sex to ensure a pleasurable experience and prevent any trauma or compounding trauma that can possible exacerbate any compartmentalized issues not yet addressed or working through to address as you explore.  

Common precautionary measures used before kink sex

Education and communication are key components to sexuality and understanding desires.  With these key factors discussed the main goal is to destigmatize kink and reduce intimidation related to the subject and bring awareness to kink and promote exploration in anything you decide to do in a healthy and safe fashion. Kink is just another sexual experience to explore.

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