Kiss & Tell Mag founder interviewed via Zoom the founder for the startup online platform

Shakun Sethi is from and living in India. She came together with 7 other individuals to create this sex-positive platform. Shakun admitted she was not as knowledgeable on the topic of sex as most of her colleagues.  The topic of sex was not something she felt comfortable discussing. She realized through an online search there was not enough sex-positive content on the Internet. She had self-doubt many times during the start-up process. When she realized those thoughts were creeping in she would take a day off and reassess her purpose for starting the site.

The purpose of is to have one platform where you can find information about sex and sexual well-being from podcasts to articles to books on sexuality. She stated she made sure to surround herself with people who had the same vision regarding this (sex-positive vision). One way to find this out, people involved originally started out on a 60-day internship period. After 60 days, both sides would have a conversation to see if they were a fit for the company. Tickle. Life started in 2019.


Overall, what I learned from talking with Shakun. As she stated, is the world’s first sexual products and sexuality-related content discovery platform, which is inclusive, sex-positive, judgment-free, and shares content and entertainment(but not porn), free from censorship.

I was happy and grateful that she made the time to chat with me via Zoom. Kiss & Tell Mag and shares a similarity. Both were created because sex is not a shameful act and when discussed it should be without bias.  K&T is sharing the same mission in the hopes that one day there will be more accurate information out there that people can find without the falsehood of porn or the shame that goes along with that.

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