As we continue to celebrate Pride month, it dawned on me with the passing of Father’s Day, just how many LGBTQ+ parents we have out there. This week is all about celebrating Pride with the little ones and our fur babies too. Hey! Whoever said our pets aren’t like our kids, were lying. Enjoy 😘

Pride Disco Stripe Slide   $110

pride month

I’m in love with the bright bold color of these slides. No problem finding outfits to match, more on what doesn’t match. Oh? You thought these were made to be worn indoors? You thought wrong. Plus you will never get your kid to take them off anyways. Be sure to purchase with where $25 dollars of every purchase goes towards GLAAD, up to $125,000.

LEGO Everyone Is Awesome Set $34.99

pride month

This is the first set launched with an LGBTQ theme. With 346 pieces and 11 figures each in a different color. LEGO’s Vice President Matthew Ashton wanted to create a model that symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone no matter how they identify or who they love. LEGO has an ongoing partnership with Workplace Pride, Stonewall, and Open For Business. All to support LGBTQ+ in the workplace.

Pride Rainbow Pet Tank Top $9.99

You Are Loved Pride Rainbow Stripe Pet Bed $14.97

PetSmart has started their own initiative called; You Are Loved collection. A wide variety of rainbow hugged apparel, plush toys, and pet beds made for both cats and dogs. This year PetSmart is committed to donating $100,000 to GLSEN. Which works to ensure that LGBTQ+ students are able to learn and grow free from bullying and harassment.

Carl Nassib

I couldn’t end this week’s post without sharing the incredible courage of Carl Nassib, Las Vegas Raiders defensive lineman. He openly shared on his Instagram account that he was gay and would be donating $100,000 to The Trevor Project. Nassib is by no means the first gay football player in the NFL but the first openly gay player in the league and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. If you haven’t heard of Carl Nassib before, you can follow him on his Instagram page here. You go, Carl!!❤️💜💚🧡💛 @carlnassib

Celebrating Women-Owned Business

Early To Bed- The Swan Wand $135

Early 2 bed

Call it her passion or maybe even a calling? I call it strength and ingenuity. The idea for Early To Bed came to Searah Deysach (founder & owner) while buying lube one day. Shopping at your typical sex shop with its blow-up dolls, gag gifts, and overpriced vibrators. She decided to ask the sales clerk, what the differences were between products and which could she recommend.

When the sales clerk grabbed the nearest lube insight with no knowledge to share for any of the products. A new business was born. In 2001 Chicago’s Northside became the first stop for Early To Bed an independent, queer woman-owned business. The mission is to provide a safe welcoming space for women/trans-friendly and people of all genders to shop comfortably. By creating a sex-positive environment with knowledgeable staff either in-store or online. Helping people take control of their sexual selves, one person, at a time.

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