I cannot close my eyes and pretend I don’t see the daily slaughtering of humanity.

Evil in the form of bodies, killing those who look like me.

I cannot ignore the violation.

Silencing female voices, we can’t join the conversation.

I cannot turn away and pretend not to see.

I cannot ignore the prejudice towards those who love like me, to those presenting differently.

How dare we argue over kids being taught inclusion and human decency?

I’ve grown hyper-alert when shopping for groceries because fearlessness has become a luxury not afforded to me.

Daily, I struggle with breathing.

Feeling the rage, the crippling anxiety. This world is sick and no, not with Covid.

It’s a virus so poisonous and contagious with side effects devastating and outrageous.

Hatred is the true sickness. Still, it continues killing millions.

They force us to take lethal chemical injections but there is no cure for this. You cannot vaccinate away hatred.

by Tamara Lindsey

***my feelings on gun violence, abortion, and LGBTQIA+ issues