In a world where women’s sexuality has been historically shrouded in shame, silence, and repression, there is a growing movement to reclaim power, heal wounds, and celebrate the full spectrum of feminine sexuality. Where the Wild Ones Are, a unique gathering dedicated to embracing the wild, untamed aspects of femininity, serves as a transformative space for women to heal sexual wounds, release repression, find their authentic desires, and reclaim their lost power and femininity. This article explores how and why such a gathering can be instrumental in empowering women to embrace their sexuality, foster self-discovery, and create a holistic sense of personal empowerment.

Creating a Safe and Liberating Space

Where the Wild Ones Are provides a safe and supportive environment for women to explore and heal their sexual wounds. By fostering a community of like-minded individuals, the gathering allows women to share their stories, express their vulnerabilities, and find solace in the shared experiences of others. In this space, women can shed societal expectations and embrace their unique journeys, free from judgment or shame.

Embracing Self-Discovery

One of the primary objectives of Where the Wild Ones Are is to empower women to learn about themselves, their bodies, desires, needs and wants. Through workshops, discussions, and guided practices, participants can explore their sexuality, uncover hidden desires, and gain a deeper understanding of their bodies and pleasure. By cultivating self-awareness and embracing self-discovery, women can regain a sense of agency over their own sexuality and break free from the chains of societal norms.

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Reclaiming Power and Femininity

Sexual wounds, repression, pain, and loss of power often leave women feeling disconnected from their own bodies and femininity. Where the Wild Ones Are encourages women to reclaim their power and femininity by embracing both their fierce and soft sides. By acknowledging and integrating the full range of their sexuality, women can tap into their innate power, embrace their sensuality, and celebrate their unique expression of femininity.

Finding Balance: Being Powerful, Sexy, and Fierce, Yet Soft and Vulnerable

One of the most transformative aspects of Where the Wild Ones Are is the emphasis on finding balance in sexuality. The gathering recognizes that women can be both powerful, sexy, and fierce in their desires, while also soft, enveloping, and vulnerable in their connections. By encouraging women to explore their multidimensional sexuality, the gathering empowers them to embrace the full spectrum of their desires, dismantling the notion that femininity must be confined to narrow stereotypes.

The group behind The Gatherings is called I AM S(He)! Remembering the Sacred Woman. You can learn more here.

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A Tip for Self-Support

While attending a gathering like Where the Wild Ones Are can provide a profound transformational experience, there are also practices individuals can incorporate into their daily lives to support themselves in their sexual healing journey. One such practice is self-compassion. Cultivating self-compassion involves treating oneself with kindness, understanding, and empathy. By practicing self-compassion, women can create a nurturing internal environment that allows for healing, growth, and self-acceptance. This can be done through self-affirmations, self-care rituals, and engaging in activities that bring joy and pleasure.


Where the Wild Ones Are represents a paradigm shift in how society views and supports female sexuality. By creating a safe and empowering space, this gathering allows women to heal sexual wounds, release repression, and reclaim their power and femininity. Through self-discovery and embracing the full spectrum of their desires, women can become powerful, sexy, and fierce while remaining soft, enveloping, and vulnerable. By supporting oneself with self-compassion and incorporating daily practices, individuals can continue their healing journey beyond the gathering, fostering lasting transformation and empowerment.

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