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Kiss & Tell Magazine is an online sexual health and wellness magazine for everyone. We feature articles that go beyond sex tips and trends. Kiss and Tell is the go-to site on the topic of sex and how it is a welcoming and enjoyable part of everyday life. Kiss and Tell loves to have discussions that affect us in and out of the bedroom, and we need people like you to assist us with normalizing these discussions!

K&T provides our readers with the best possible content that will guide them, edify them, and most importantly, connect with them. We’re always seeking new voices. We cover many subject areas including but not limited to: sexual health in its entirety including all pronouns, mental health and wellness, #metoo movement, BLM, BIPOC, relationships, books, and television, dating, and much more. If you’re willing to dig deep, to provide a tailored and relatable perspective on the issues we all face, Kiss and Tell is interested in working with you.

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