Many of you may not know that World Sexual Health Day is September 4th. This can be celebrated that day and throughout the entire month. So what does that mean? The World Association of Sexual Health (WASH) will be hosting its online event and webinar called Sexual Pleasure in Times of Covid-19. Others will be having sex that day. Others might be joining a cause or voice that is underserved or needs recognition or awareness. What will you be doing?

I, for one, will be trying to get down this compiled list of what we could be doing on World Sexual Health Day! Let’s Begin! This list is a list of activities, thoughts, or causes that you could do, join, or be a part of on this day that could prove to be a smashing good time AND take care of your own sexual health!

First, what does sexual health mean and encompass?

I believe that sexual health is the current state of your mental, emotional, and relational states as they pertain to your sexuality, and how you internalize and externalize these thoughts and behaviors.

What does that mean exactly? That means, how do you feel about yourself? Your relationships? Communication within those relationships? How do you see yourself and then how do you present all of these things to the world? Do you feel balanced? Is each of these aspects within your sexuality being tended to? Is there positive energy and thinking being sent to this particular area of self?

According to ASHA (American Sexual Health Association) “sexual health is the ability to embrace and enjoy our sexuality throughout our lives.” They also further define what being sexually healthy is:

  • Understanding that sexuality is a natural part of life and involves more than sexual behavior.
  • Recognizing and respecting the sexual rights we all share.
  • Having access to sexual health information, education, and care.
  • Making an effort to prevent unintended pregnancies and STDs and seek care and treatment when needed.
  • Being able to experience sexual pleasure, satisfaction, and intimacy when desired.
  • Being able to communicate about sexual health with others including sexual partners and healthcare providers.

(ASHA Retrieved from site Aug 31, 2020,

As you can see, there are many ways in which we can enhance our sexual health and understanding. We can work on the multiplication of O’s, and how to be mindful and respectful of sexual rights, meaning that all parties involved want to be involved and are having a good time. What a concept! So what are some ideas? Let’s roll over to the fun side of the sheets and get some passions sparking on how to get our juices flowing for World Sexual Health Day!

  1. Play games with a twist! Want some ideas… Ideas like Condom Card Game, Alphabet Soup (not the Campbells kind) and Sexy Lucky Dip.
  2. Build up your body image! Look in the mirror and tell yourself kind things and praise your body for getting you through life and how resilient and wonderful it is!
  3. Learn more about how you can partner or help get the word out to survivors of sexual abuse with  Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network (
  4. Want to become a sexuality educator, counselor, or therapist? Learn more with AASECT.
  5. Build up your sexy communication and send a text to a partner or loved one that lets you know how you feel about them. This doesn’t have to be sexual. It can be to a friend even, simply wishing them a good day. That is sexy too!
  6. Have healthy and consensual inter or outercourse!
  7. Explore talking with your partner over status, desires, likes, and dislikes, hard stops, and what you would like to try or do to change it up or spice it up. Maybe ideas like dressing up, intentional intimacy where you plan the time, set your intentions, and let love lead the way. You could also be intimate in a different place or make out like school kids leaning up against a fence…but get creative and communicate!
  8. Spread awareness or learn more for yourself about supporting our LGBTQIA friends and mental health at or or the Trevor Project and help LGBT Youth here
World Sexual Health Day

So whether you are learning and doing more for your own sexual health or helping spread the word for others, make sure and take time today to thank yourself, your body, and give yourself some love, a kind word, or a kind gesture (if you know what I mean), because sexuality is at the core of our human experience and you matter. You are allowed. You are worthy. You are not shameful, guilty, or wrong. You are perfect, and you get to experience your sexuality as you wish; it is yours alone. You choose how you interact in the world, and it’s just fine. Get out there and be SEXY!

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