I get so many questions about vibrators. Let’s start with the most common:

 What is a vibrator?

A vibrator is also known as a massager. It essentially is an adult toy most commonly used to directly stimulate the clitoris through vibration. It can also be inserted into the vagina, used on the penis, in the anus, and to arouse other parts of the body such as the nipples. Vibrators provide intense stimulation to nerve endings and some people find this arousing or pleasurable. In short, vibrators are sexual aids that can support self-pleasure or partner play. 

Is a vibrator the same as a dildo?

A dildo typically has no moving or mechanical parts. It is most specifically used for penetration of the vagina, anus, and mouth. 

Can I use a vibrator with my partner?

Vibrators are for solo or partner play. They even make vibrators and toys designed exclusively for partner play in the same room or long distance. I enjoy toys like the We Vibe Sync. It has a remote control and app that can be used in between the sheets or when you’re in separate spaces. To note, vibrators are meant to be used as enhancements. They do not substitute for interpersonal interaction and won’t make a person decide to reject a partner.

We Vibe Sync Vibrator

Selecting a vibrator

If you are purchasing a vibrator for the first time, there are so many to choose from that it can seem overwhelming. Sex therapists recommend that you consider what is comfortable for you and the purpose. Here are some considerations: 

  • Rechargeable or battery operated? If choosing batteries try to find vibrators that use standard types of batteries, not ‘unusual’ batteries. Many vibrators are operated with AA batteries or watch batteries. 
  • Waterproof or Not?  Try to look for waterproof vibrators. They allow for more versatility with use. These are also often rechargeable.  
  • Cost? Vibrators can range from inexpensive to pricey. A vibrator is an electronic toy. Longevity may vary. You do not need to spend a lot to get a great experience. 
  • Type of toy? Vibrators can be as small as a bullet, which is usually a lipstick-sized, oval-shaped clitoral stimulator.  Some vibrators are made to emulate the penis and for insertion. There are even some that multitask to include clitoral stimulation, insertion with movement and vibration, and anal stimulation all at once. 
  • Soft versus hard plastic. Vibrators can be made of many different materials. Some are made of hard, soft, or jelly-like plastic. More reputable companies tend to use silicone or medical-grade silicone or other non-plastic materials. Vibrators have different levels of vibrations, so it is also a way to explore sensation and texture.

A few safety notes:

Most vibrators are washable. Many people prefer to use condoms and lubricants for penetration and to protect against the transfer of bacteria. Do not share vibrators or move from one opening to another without proper cleaning. This means that you may want to have different vibrators for the mouth, anus, and vagina. It may also mean that each partner has their own toy as well. 

The takeaway

Toys may not be a necessary part of the sexual experience but for many, it can add a little spice or kink to the fun of connecting. It is also a way to share in creativity. Whether you are playing solo or with your couple’s toys extend newness and curiosity to a healthy sexual life. From searching to choosing and using a vibrator it is meant to be an experience that you enjoy. No matter why you are searching, consider what you may want to feel, experience, or explore. At the end of it, all remember that vibrators vibrate and people play. Enjoy exploring! 

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